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In previous post we have seen TIPS FOR REDUCING YOUR BLOG’S LOADING TIME that will increase your site ranking.In this article we are going to see about Optimizing your images for getting ranked in search engine.

We know the important of including an image in the article.Normally we say that “an Image speaks thousand words”.That is when we add images to posts we have to get the benefit of that thousand words.We have to optimize our images to make it SEO friendly there by we can get hits from image search and can increase your blog loading time.

There are a lot of tools available for optimizing your images.These tools will remove unwanted information from the images by maintaining its quality.If you are a WordPress user you can install the the WP Smush.it plugin for optimizing your images.It will optimize your images automatically when you upload images into your WordPress blog.It can also transfer the GIF images to PNG images.

If you are not a WordPress user or you want to optimize your images manually you can use yahoo page for this purpose.yahoo Smush.it will save the image size by removing the unwanted data from your image.You can use yahoo optimization here

If you are removed all unnecessary details from the image,it’s time to insert it into your blog.When you insert images to your blog you have to take care of some simple things.

The search bots can’t look into your images and categorize it.Then how the search bots are crawling the images?.Its simple the search bots are categorizing your images by finding the values on the “alt” and “title” tag of your image.

So to rank in search results you have to add a better “title” and “alt” tag for your images.

What is an “alt” tag

“Alt” tag is an alternative text which will show when your images are not available or when it is unable to load due to slower connection.Search engines will use this tag for crawling that particular image.So give a better keyword as the “alt” tag for you image.

You can give “alt” tag as follows

<img alt=”Alt text” src=”image url” >


What is a title tag

A title tag is a text which is shown when you hover your mouse cursor over the image.It will also consider the bots when crawling the images.So give a proper title tag to your images.The title tag look like

<img title=”Title Text” src=”image url” >


If you are a WordPress user it is very easy to add these things to your image by filling the spaces when you upload the image.

I think this tips will help for you for indexing your images in search results.