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People who have bought this brand new iPhone or iPad are looking for ways to sync the devices. There are some users who have been trying to sync the devices so that they can get the things transferred without much complication. Syncing through iTunes, according to some is a thing of past as iCloud is mostly used but for people who still loves the way two devices were synced with the help of iTunes Apple still has that option for them in the device. If you are not sure how to do it, then read on and you will get your question answered.


Syncing iPhone and the iPad with iTunes

If you are trying to sync iPhone and iPad with the help of iTunes, then you need to first turn on your Wi-Fi connection and then follow the steps:

  • Open your iPhone or iPad and launch the settings menu
  • In the settings menu, you will have to go to the General tab
  • Once you are in the General tab, scroll down and you will see the option, iTunes Wi-Fi sync, tap on it to select the option
  • Now you are on the page where you are asked to connect your device whether it is an iPhone or iPad to your iTunes
  • Follow the instructions that appear on screen and you will be able to sync with iTunes easily.
  • You will have to plug in your Apple device, whether it is an iPhone or iPad to the laptop or your computer through the USB cable
  • Now when you have connected your iPhone or iPad with your PC or Laptop through USB cable you need to select the iTunes that is present in the desktop of your computer.
  • You are now in the iTunes, so make the selection of the device you are using that is an iPhone or iPad on your right hand top corner.
  • Once the selection is made, you will be provided with a list of choices, here you have to scroll down at the bottom of the very page you will find ‘Sync with this iPad or iPhone over Wi-Fi’ under the Options menu
  • After you have made your selection do remember to click on the box and then press apply button that will be present at the bottom of the page
  • Now when you have completed all these steps the iTunes will start working on taking the backup of all your content and it won’t restrict itself to back up only as it will also copy diagnostics information, transfer purchases and also copy each and everything in iTunes.
  • Don’t remove the USB cable of your iPad from the computer unless everything has been completed. Let the transfer of information take place completely then you can go ahead and remove the USB cable and unplug it from your computer.

You always have the option of taking the backup automatically if you have selected the box on iTunes over the Wi-Fi but if you feel that you no longer want that to happen then just uncheck the box an you are done.