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Are you sure that your children are not misusing their cell phone privileges? Do they use the provided mobile phones for the right purpose, or have they been indulged in bad activities through their phones? Yes, it has become hard to rely on kids of this modern era with so many technologies available around. You probably have offered a phone to your kid to be in touch with, and to safeguard them. But, you cannot be sure that kids are using the provided phone only to fulfill your requirements.

Kids, especially when provided with a smartphone, usually chat a lot with their friends, and sometimes with strangers too. This has become a hobby to many a few. They do not even hesitate to exchange text messages and MMS even during their class. Also, talking on phone for hours and hours has become a trend today, especially in teenagers. How to know, if your kid is one among them? Do you think, checking their phone physically everyday can solve your problem? No, because kids are too clever that they delete the messages and call history soon after they are done with the activity. Not only that, they also use some code language to interact with their friends.

The smartest way to monitor your kid’s smartphone is to take help of a smartphone monitoring application.

 What is a Smartphone Monitoring Application?

 A smartphone monitoring application is the latest software that works on your kid’s phone without his knowledge, and fetches the information on all his phone activities and provides the same to you through an online account. Everything you need to do is, purchase the application, and download and install it onto your kid’s phone. The downloading and installation process does not take even a few minutes. It is quite easy and fast. Once the software has been installed, it starts working in a silent mode on the background of your kid’s smartphone to collect all the information for you.

 What Does A Smartphone Monitoring Application Track?

 One of the top priorities for any parent is to protect their kid. This is where exactly the need of smartphone monitoring app arises. It tracks different phone activities of the target user as mentioned below.

Smartphone Application for Monitoring Kids

All the incoming and outgoing calls along with the duration, date and time stamps

  • All the sent and received SMS and MMS, even the actually message has been deleted by the user.
  • Social networking posts and other activities
  • Messages that your kid has been exchanging on the chat messengers
  • Photos and videos downloaded and viewed from online, and also the ones that are taken from the smartphone’s camera.
  • Browsing history along with the URLs of the site and time of the visit
  • Other activities such as to-do lists, memos made, contacts added, and so on
  • GPS location tracking, which lets you know the exact location of your kid at a given time
  • SIM change notification to help you know if your kid is using another SIM on the same phone. If so, you get an alert on the same along with the information, such as new SIM’s phone number, service provider and so on.

This way, a mobile monitoring application can definitely help you monitor your kids the safe way. Thus, you are not only helping your kids not to indulge in wrong activities, but also safeguarding them from strangers.

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  1. Good information. I like to use Phone Sheriff. They just released a new version and it works great. Most parents don’t know what their kids are doing online and that is their fault for not learning their kids.

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