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Mobile phones have gone so far these days that these devices are now capable of doing so many features which would seem as a joke only a few years ago. Smart phones still continue to develop at a fast pace, we shouldn’t be surprised if the time will come when they would be able to slice the bread and toast it too.

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Kidding aside, smart phones, including those that are powered by an Android operating system are capable of doing different functions, making the call and text feature which used to be the main function of mobile phones to be their minor features. While the android phone features include a large vivid screen, amazing camera with several functions, fast processors, abundant memory, etc., the owner can customize it further to include more features that will be useful or entertaining for him by downloading from the thousands of apps in the apps store.

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into Wireless USB Adapter

Do you even know that your Android phone can even be turned into a wireless USB adapter? If you have a desktop computer or notebook that happens to be unable to support a wireless network card, the first thing that will come to your mind is to buy a wireless USB network adapter, wouldn’t it? Well, you can now increase the functionality of your Android phone by turning it into a wireless USB adapter. It will save you a couple of bucks and additional clutter from not having to buy a wireless USB adapter, too.

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To start the procedure, here are the things that you need and the simple and easy steps that you should follow:

Things That You Will Need

  • Your computer
  • USB cable that came with the phone
  • Your Android phone with an Android OS version 2.2 and beyond


  1. Enable the WiFi connection on your Android phone. You can do this by going to the Settings, then go to Wireless & Networks, then choose Wi-Fi.
  2. Connect your Android phone to your computer with the USB cable that came with the phone package.
  3. Go back to your Android phone, and go to Settings, then Wireless and Networks then choose the USB tethering option.

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Piece of cake wasn’t it? You now have an instant WiFi that you can use in your home. It didn’t even require you to install any hardware or download any software or application from the internet. All it took is some time, effort and additional know how.

Final Thoughts

The lesson here is to check out your own resources and do a little research first before deciding to go out and buy an additional device to do a certain function that you require. The internet houses a lot of information and you can search almost anything under the sun with it. It is delightful to find interesting stuff that performs a certain function that is necessary in our daily lives but it will certainly be more amusing to find out that those functions can already be done with the devices that can already be found within our own homes.

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