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There is nothing either perfectly positive or perfectly negative. So Twitter is. It’s not an ideal social networking service. It has both its positive and its negative sides. First of all let’s discover the positive sides of Twitter. It has so many advantages that sometimes it seems unworthy to mention its negative sides. However, after representing the positive sides we’ll surely revert to its negative sides as well.

Positive and Negative Sides of Twitter

I hope you’ll agree that if something gives you opportunity to be well informed, to develop your business, to communicate, to share ideas, to learn new things it must certainly have more positive sides than negative. Twitter’s one of the greatest positive sides is its simplicity. Less than a minute spending on registration and Congratulations! You are already a Twitter user!

It may improve one’s writing techniques. Let me remind that Twitter limits the length of text messages; you have 140 characters’ space, so that you wouldn’t over-express your thoughts. After using Twitter you will feel the change yourself how it may affect on your writing skills.  Though we consider it as an advantage, a positive side of Twitter they may appear users who have difficulties in expressing their opinion briefly, they complain of the limitation and consider it as a negative side.

Twitter is a great tool for online marketers.  They have chance to contact with large groups of people. As a marketer you are advised to be friendly and conversational, because your tweets sometimes can be considered as a scam if you just post tweets and do not connect with your followers.

Coming back on the negative sides of Twitter we can’t avoid speaking about impersonal relationships. Very often we may have chance to hear someone boasting about the amount of his followers on Twitter.  We may meet people who have lost the sensation of reality. However I don’t take it as a disadvantage of Twitter, it’s the fault of the user who abuses it. Estimate the positive sides. They’ll affect on you on positive way as well.

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