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The equation goes something like this: if you are a business owner, you must use social networks to attract customers. If you are using social media websites to attract customers, you will have to pay attention to Google’s social network called Google+. If you are using Google+ as a business owner, you will have to do everything in your power to make your Google+ circle as large as possible. What this means is that Google+ is slowly but steadily becoming a very important social networking website, especially for business owners, and you should make sure you are doing your best to use everything that Google+ has to offer you. So, here will be given the six most important tricks that will help you enlarge your Google+ circle, as you will not get anywhere by only opening up a Google+ account and doing nothing else to attract more people to you and/or your brand/business.

6 Simple Tricks to Boost Up Your Google+ Circle

6 Tricks for Making Your Google+ Circle Bigger

So, here is what you can do in order to get ahead on Google+:

  1. Give something to your followers – Much like on any other social networking site, Google+ users will love getting something from you. This doesn’t have to be anything big, but you will catch most flies with honey, right? So, promise them great deals on your products or services, give them coupons and freebies, and so forth.
  2. Leverage your social presence – Aside from Google+, you should also use other prominent social networks in order to gain a bigger following on Google+. Users from Facebook and Twitter, for instance, are more likely to follow you if you have accounts on both of these sites, as well as on Google+.
  3. Be a copycat – Basically, don’t be afraid to join other popular circles and see what these people are doing in order to attract new followers. This is probably the only bulletproof trick from this list, as it has worked for many people before.
  4. Find users with big circles – This is a very simple concept , and it is based on the idea that finding Google+ users with substantial circles and following them will put you in the spotlight. You will be noticed, and this will result in more followers for you.
  5. Share your circle – By sharing your circle with other Google+ users who are in the same or similar business as you, you will again gain more followers.
  6. Advertise your Google+ page wherever you can – Do not forget to let the world know you are on Google+. This is done by featuring your Google+ badge on your company website, on your blog, and pretty much anywhere where people will see it.


By using these six tricks listed and explained above, you are sure to boost your Google+ circle. However, this doesn’t mean that your brand will suddenly become the most popular in the world. Rather than this, you should use these alongside a lot of hard work, and only then will you get a chance to make it big in your line of business.


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