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Since the early days of Photoshop, photographers and designers have been dependant on it in order to edit the images in best way possible. In fact it can be said that Photoshop serves to be the most popular and most widely used applications by Adobe. The professionals react with much excitement for every new version that is introduced by Adobe. They all wish to know about the latest features added and how the new Photoshop can enhance and improve editing. Indeed, the interest in the latest Photoshop version doesn’t come as any surprise, provided its high popularity and reputation among the general users and experts.

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Redefining images

The latest version of Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop 8 claims to brilliantly redefine the digital imaging and that too with use of brilliant photography tools, premium image selections, paintings and a lot more.

Features to use

Content aware fill is indeed the best feature of Photoshop 8. So, it does what it says- it fills the areas with awareness of what should be there in order to make the image consistent. So, is it a plastic bottle that is damaging the amazing beach scene? The feature of content aware fill takes care of this.

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Mixer Brush in Photoshop 8 stimulates paint brush through mixing the colors from palette. For instance, brush styles like wet and hard are great to use. When you choose the Mixer Brush, the brush choices are presented and you can choose the one that you wish to use.

Selection tool is easy to use and wonderful

More so, the selection tool serves as most frequently used one in latest Photoshop version. This CS5 has the great way to choose various areas in an image or to isolate the multiple areas. Refine Edges feature in the Photoshop CS5 makes the smooth cuts as well as the Quick Selection selects various areas that are based on size and color. It can further remove selected areas.

Why use Photoshop 8?

In case you are new to the world of Photoshop, or in case if you have not upgraded to last versions, you will see that the Version 8 is surely worth spending the money. It is indeed the best editing as well as management application that provides novice friendly tools and layered, advanced editing facilities that rival those of the costly professional editing specialists. Photoshop Version 8 indeed has new editing features that are a must to use and enjoy.

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Last but not least, the latest Puppet Warp facility extends the ability of the user to edit the objects and images. It thus creates mesh over the object and thus lets the user add pins using which one can modify the object’s shape.

So, these are just a few features that are there in latest Photoshop 8. Use them and experiment with images.