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The security of your inbox and emails is vital as most of us in the professional world share important and sometimes confidential information through emails. Hence protecting your emails has become all the more important in today’s world.

The power of passwords

Protection through password is probably the simplest as well as most common method of keeping your emails safe. However we all will agree that this is a pretty useful method indeed. Be it your cell phone or your laptop, make sure all devices through which you check your mail should be accessed only after entering the right password.

Are your emails protected- 7 ways to Protect Your Email at work

Attachment Alert

Emails with attachments should be handled with special care. Avoid downloading attachments which you were not expecting to receive as they might be loaded with malware or viruses.

Helpful HTTPs

You can also protect your emails by using HTTPS. When using https, your data is encrypted while it travels through the internet. Using https is an option which is available to you at Google, Gmail, Microsoft and even hotmail.

Anti-viruses are a must have

To protect your emails you can take the help of the many anti-virus as well as anti spam software which are easily available. Also, make sure that you update the softwares you have installed on regular basis.

Leaving your laptop/computer attending should be avoided

Make sure leave do not use the laptop or computer you use at work unattended while you are logged in to you email account. Always remember to logout even if you are leaving your laptop/computer for a little while.

Phishing Attacks

One thing you need to be careful about is phishing attacks. These are really tricky and really harmful for your email accounts.  If you are a victim of phishing attack, you will receive an email from a known source and when you click on the links in that mail you will be directed to some fake website. Entering your login information on this fake website will cause some real danger to your original account. Be careful before clicking on any link which is mailed to you.

Is your password a powerful one?

Almost all email accounts allow access to inbox only after entering a valid password. You can be wise and keep your password strong. Using a strong password will certainly be of help in protecting your emails at work.
These methods will certainly help you do the job. With the help of these methods you may rest assure that your mails are safe. A little care from your side is all that what is needed to protect your emails at work.

3 thoughts on “Are your emails protected- 7 ways to Protect Emails at work”
  1. so good,but many e-mail providers send verification code on your mobile to log in your account.
    gmail etc…

    1. Yeah , Gmail some months ago enabled this two step verification to protect accounts.Even we wrote a article regarding this on MT , most of the peoples are not aware about this feature..

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