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With the steady rise of the average pages, files and images in the world of internet it is suddenly very normal to exhaust a gigabyte of data in a short span of just a month. The measures just keep increasing and which is directly proportional to the huge bills that are calculated on a monthly basis. To keep the massive billing at bay, you need to observe some simple techniques.

Nine smart ways to reduce your smartphone data bill!

1. A quick connect to Wi-Fi:

This should come naturally to you like common sense. It is the easiest method to control the monthly consumption of your smartphone data. If you can spot Wi-Fi connections in places you visit frequently, like your home, your workplace, your friends’ homes, bus stops, railway stations, cafes and restaurants, you should immediately start using it.

2. Avoid the Idiot Box:

One of the main reasons behind the soaring smartphone data bill is streaming video, and you should try and avoid this unless you are using wifi.It has been calculated that loading a single video on Youtube wastes about five to ten megabytes, If you watch a half and hour episode of a sitcom on Netflix, you instantly lose 100 megabytes. Moreover if you are addicted to movies, it takes a great toll on your data consumption.

3. Listen locally:

When you are out, you tend to listen to music more than streaming videos. But even sixty minutes will exhaust sixty to seventy megabytes at a single session. Hence it is advisable that you save some music albums on your smartphone.

4. Turn asocial:

Nowadays, everybody is hooked on to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Orkut and has developed a habit of logging in just to catch the recent updates. If you add up ten megabytes consumed in each update check, it would gradually amount to a great measure.

5. Procrastinate reading:

If you are an avid reader, you would always have something to read. But if you feel that the reading a particular thing is not urgent. You can always store it as a bookmark or a favorite page and come back to it later. This would effectively cut down on the megabyte consumption.

6. Activate webpage weight-loss:

It is wise if you can switch over to Opera Mini, when you are traveling and wish to browse the internet. The Opera Mini browser would allow you to compress the files you are downloading on your smartphone and thus help you to save the megabytes usage.

7. Loose up on the sharing:

People are addicted to social networking sites and every single thing they click is to be immediately uploaded on their newsfeed. If you can control these urges of uploading pictures of your new car or even coffee mug till you reach home or the land of wifi, you strategically reduce the consumption of data on your smartphone.

8. Put your natural direction sense to use:

Admit it you do not really require referring to a turn-by-turn navigation on a daily basis. According to a report by Verizon, each session of the navigation software eats up 5 megabytes and frequent usage can lead to a lot.

9. Don’t overcrowd mail inbox:

For those who experience cluttering of your email account, do need to avoid it and start getting emails manually.


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