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HDTV – Planning on buying one?

HDTV – Dreaming of buying one? Well, Formula 1 is about to begin with yet another new season. Super Bowl is coming. Champions League Finals and our very dear old HBO and Star Movies, making sure, we don’t turn our TV off. If you already own a HDTV, I bet you would have clearly noted the HD Experience from normal non-HDTV experience. All channels are going HD too, tempting the users to buy HDTV’s. But, wait. IF you are planning on buying a new HDTV, well this review is for you guys. Several Electronic Giants have given hints about yet-to-come new HDTV’s. Continue reading to know more.

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Upcoming HDTV's
Upcoming HDTV's

HDTV – Upcoming List

1. Vizio 58-inch CinemaWide HDTV

The 58-inch set is now listed at a cinematic price of $3,499, though availability is still unknown. In addition to the usual glut of features that accompany high-end HDTVs — passive 3D support, edge-lit LED light source with smart dimming (for 2D sources only), built-in Wi-Fi for Vizio Internet Apps — the CinemaWide offers 2,560×1,080 resolution for those who planning on watching many more movies than TV shows.

2. Samsung 55-inch OLED HDTV

The new Super OLED HDTV will have every feature Samsung offers in screens, matching its 8000 series HDTVs, which are getting refreshed and seeing UNES8000 edge-lit versions and PNE8000 plasma versions.

3. LG 55-inch OLED HDTV

LG Electronics has produced the largest OLED TV to date at 55-inches in diagonal in an ultra-thin 4mm thick frame. Hoping to be the TV of the future, LG claims more realistic colors, brighter picture and faster speed.

4. Sony 55-inch Crystal LED HDTV

Sony’s Crystal LED HDTV uses six million pixels (two million for each of the RGB colors) to display a 1080p high-definition image. Unlike standard LCD televisions that use LEDs as backlighting, the Crystal LED display has six million tiny LED lights (equivalent to the number of pixels) affixed onto the front of the display.

5. Toshiba Glasses-Free 3D HDTV

Toshiba Glasses-Free 3D HDTV comes with a LED-backlit QuadHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) LCD panel and Cell-processor based CEVO engine technology within. Check out the press release after the break for more of the specs, no word yet on how much it will cost but the glasses-based 3D ZL1 it’s replacing was rocking a £4,000 price tag.

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HDTV – Decision is yours to make

We have given your an idea of what’s about to come in the near future. So, plan wisely, and pickup a HDTV home, for a great in-home entertainment.