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Aakash or BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet Which is Good One ?

India’s telecom giant BSNL has come up with three new tablets in which one is cheap as like Aakash tablet on Friday named BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet.All these tablets are developed by Noida based company Pantel and will be available for sale with BSNL special plans.

However the BSNL has launched three tablets on Friday T-Pad IS701R, T-Pad WS704C, T-Pad WS802C,.The cheap and one we can compare with the Aakash is the one is BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet.The BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet costs Rs. 3250(Approximate $67) in the market.

Aakash or BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet

However it is a bit costlier than the Aakash tablet while comparing the specifications and with the other tablets available in the market we can simply say that BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet is a cheaper tablet in the Market.

Aakash disappointed the peoples such as me who are waiting for a tablet for a long time.The datawind solutions failed to deliver the Aakash tablet 2 on time to their customers and also there are a lot of complaints on the performance of Aakash tablet one which is already delivered and stopped the further production.

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By comparing all these factors , it is sure that the BSNL Tablet will make a wave on the Indian tablet market.The peoples who are disappointed with the Aakash tablet will come and book for the BSNL tablet.

However BSNL-Penta has launched 3 tablets in market,here we are going to discuss about the cheap tablet BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet which costs the customer Rs 3250.Also there is a special offer from the BSNL with this plan which will give user to upto 3 months of free data download which is possible with the BSNL Sim which will be bundled with the special BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet which costs you Rs 3499.

Features of BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet

The BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet is a Wi-fi only Android 2.3 tablet with a faster 1GHz processor and a 256MB DDR2 RAM.It has a 7″ resistive touch screen with high resolution when comparing to the Aakash tablet.Another feature of the BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet is it has a VGA camera with it which facilitate the video calling.But Unlike Aakash tablet , the BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet has no GPRS connectivity option with the SIM card slot.

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It comes up with long lasting battery with Li-ion 3000mah 5V2A and also have a HDMI port which will allow you to connect your tablet to your TV.

Comparing Aakash with BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet

Now we can see a detailed comparison between the Aakash , Aakash 2 and BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet in the table.Have a look into the below table to understand properly about the difference between all these 3 tablets

Tablet >>Penta T-Pad IS 701RAakash1Aakash2 (Ubislate 7)
Processor >>ARM11 IMAP210,1GHZARM11 366MHzARM Cortex-A8,700MHz
RAM >>256MB DDR2256MB DDR2256MB DDR2
Battery >>3000mAh2100mAh3200mAh
Operating System >>Android 2.3GingerbreadAndroid 2.2FroYoAndroid 2.3Gingerbread
Network >>Wi-Fi onlyWi-Fi onlyWi-Fi+GPRS via SIM card
Phone Call >>NoNoYes
Touch Screen >>7-inch, Resistive7-inch, Resistive7-inch, Resistive
Screen Resolution >>800×600 px800×480800×480
Camera >>VGANONO
Audio jack >>3.5mm3.5mm3.5mm
HDMI >>YesNoNo
Support for Office files >>YesYesYes
No.of USB ports >>112
Price >>Rs. 3,250Rs. 2,499Rs. 2,999

How Can I Buy A Cheap BSNL Tablet

There are three tablets available to book online however two of them are comparatively costlier.Let me go with BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet which you can get for Rs 3250 without BSNL 2G and at a price of 2499 including BSNL 2G Sim and 3 months of data transfer Free.

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All these tablets are available for all peoples who books online.We will provide the links below to book online and the deliveries start from March 5.At present the company delivers the products to the peoples all over in India and the customer has to pay shipping charge on delivery.The tablet is delivered on first come first server basis and considers the payments method also.

I  already booked a BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet tablet online and you can see the screen shot below.

BSNL Tablet Penta T-Pad IS 701R BookingYou can pre book your own BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R tablet online by following the below links

Pre book BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R tablet without BSNL 2G ( Rs 3250)

Pre book BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R tablet with BSNL 2G (Rs 3499)

I hope that the BSNL  Penta T-Pad IS 701R tablet will be a flow in market on coming days.What you think about BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet ?

12 thoughts on “Aakash or BSNL Penta T-Pad IS 701R Tablet Which is Good One ?”
  1. I agree with you about akash long waiting time and performance problem
    first thing performance problem was due to low procesor arm11 366Mhz
    but 1 thing toshare that same processor with high speed 1ghz is used by penta and bsnl (joint venture)

    I am just Talking about cheaper version
    akash 2 has 700 mhz written on their official website.

    According to me Cortex A8 is more Advanced than ARM11 IMAP210.
    so even through with less frequency that is 700Mhz(Of AaKASH 2) than 1Ghz of BSNL Penta i will go for AaKASH.

    Just Don’t Look for MHZ or GHZ but see what it support and which one is advanced.
    Because Product get changed in no time.

    suppose if there is 3.0Ghz dual core and 2.6Ghz i3 processor, today and tommorrow i3 supports lots of apps than dual core will do in future also. so i will go for i3 processor(2.6Ghz).

    and in bsnl and akash u dont get inbuilt sim card
    in bsnl it is used with dongle.

    I agree with HDMI port in akash 2 it doesn’t have, that doesn’t mean it can’t support 1080p,760p video.
    ( It supports 1080p,760p……etc )

    jago Grahak Jago!!!!!!

  2. Well said raj cortex A8 processor is much much better than ARM11.
    We’ve gone through the basic architectural details of the ARM11 and Cortex A8 cores, and across the board the A8 is far ahead. It gets even better for the new design once we drill a little deeper.

    The L1 cache in the A8 gets a significant improvement. The ARM11 core had a 2 cycle L1 cache, while the A8 has a single cycle L1. In-order cores depend heavily on fast memory access, so an even faster L1 will have a dramatic impact on performance.
    ARM11 actually supported a L2 cache but it was rarely used; the Cortex A8 is designed with a tightly coupled L2 cache varying in size. Vendors can choose from cache sizes as small as 128KB all the way up to 1MB, with a minimal access latency of 8 cycles. The L2 access time is programmable, with slower access more desirable to save power.

    The caches also include way prediction to minimize the number of cache ways active when doing a cache access, this sort of cache level power management was also used by Intel back on the first Pentium M processors and is still used today in modern x86 processors.

    The ARM11 core supported a 64-bit bus that connected it to the rest of the SoC; Cortex A8 allows for either a 64-bit or 128-bit bus. It’s unclear what vendors like Samsung and T.I. have implemented on their A8 based SoCs.
    With a deeper pipeline, the Cortex A8 also has a much more sophisticated branch prediction unit. While the ARM11 core had a 88% accurate branch predictor, the Cortex A8 can correctly predict branches over 95% of the time. If you care about stats, the A8 has a 512 entry branch target buffer and a 4K entry global history buffer. The accuracy of the branch predictor in the Cortex A8 is actually as high as what AMD claimed with its first Athlon processor, and this is an in-order core in a smartphone. With a 13-stage pipe however, a very accurate predictor was necessary.

    While ARM11 supported some rudimentary SIMDfp instructions, Cortex A8 adds a full SIMDfp instruction set with NEON. ARM expects a greater than 2x improvement on media processing applications thanks to the A8’s NEON instructions – of course you’ll need to compile directly for NEON in order to see those gains. If you’re looking for a modern day relation, NEON is like the A8’s SSE whereas ARM11 basically had a sophisticated MMX equivalent. Both are very important.
    The Cortex A8 is a more power hungry core than the ARM11, but the design also has much more extensive clock gating (turning off the clock to idle parts of the chip) than the ARM11. Since the A8 is newer it’s also going to be manufactured on a smaller manufacturing process. The bulk of ARM11 based SoCs used 90nm transistors, while A8 based SoCs are shipping at 65nm. ARM11 has started to transition down to 65nm, while A8 will move down to 45nm

  3. I’ve pre-booked a BSNL T-pad IS701R ysterday.Can anyone kindly tell me that can i connect USB keyboard in it or not?

  4. I am not an experienced person with BSNL t-pad.There is a help section in the official website and also you can find the service centers available near your city to solve all these problems

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