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Ivy Bridge Processor

Intel will launch 17 desktop central processing Units and 8 note book Ivy Bridge processors in April, Latest news reported on Wednesday. The start chips are said to include models 370QM and 3820QM, priced at $378 and $568, respectively, which could be clients for Apple Mac Book Pro lineup

Latest Notebook Ivy Bridge processors will characteristic the fresh Intel HD 4000 Graphics architecture. Intel has M-Series lineup is supposed to have general thermal design energy of between 55watts and 35watts.

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Set for a “Later” release, according to the latest report, are the Core i5-3427 and Core i7-3667U Intel processors, intended for latest Intel Ultra book. Those Intel processors would also be guarantee for Apple own light and thin notebook, the air Macbook.

Earlier new report said the I7-33667 Intel processor will be clocked at 2.0GHz, and can over clock to 3.3GHz in one core mode, while Core i5-3427U will run at 1.9Ghz and over clock to 2.9GHz in one core mode. Both Intel models are said to characteristic a modern graphic processor at 360MHz that can run as best as 1160MHz.

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The rumored 8 April release date for the initial Ivy Bridge processors is a little earlier than what a released roadmap for Intel earlier showed this month. Important reports showed a tentative release date of 1 May 2012 for the latest chip Platform.

Latest reports have pegged a Pro Macbook updates from Apple to launch in the next quarter of 2012 calendar, a period that would fit with the Month of April debut of Intel second generation Ivy Bridge CPU. Fresh MacBook Pros are rumored to characteristic a redesigned look with fresh high resolution 2890 by 1900 Retina screen display.

Retina Macbook Display pros would be likely with latest Ivy Bridge because the second generation architecture will start help for 4K resolution. That offer PC and Apple makers the choice to make a display that is 4099 Pixels across.

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For best Close Macbook Pro latest models with dedicated image cards, single report from November alleged Apple will switch to Nvidia for its Notebooks 2012. New MacBook Pro models to characteristics Nvidia graphics launched in 2010.