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When you first try to make money online you can find that it’s a real nightmare trying to work out exactly what is going to make you money and what is going to let you finally get rid of your day job. In the online world there are hundreds of scams and plenty of red herrings. There are probably well over 10,000 “systems” people use to make money online and many of these are absolutely useless. … some however can earn you enough to leave your worries and your day job behind. In this piece I’m going to guide you through getting started in internet marketing and give you some general advice on how to make money on the internet.

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Learning to make money online

Before you try and make money online you’re going to need to learn as much as you can. This may seem obvious but you need to grasp the basics before you can progress to actually implementing a system. Do some research online and visit popular forums like the warrior forum and digital point. You’ll want to soak up as much information as possible. I’d recommend you start by learning the basics of affiliate marketing, keyword research, AdSense and SEO as these are tools that you will use throughout your new career. Be patient and ask lots of questions and you’ll be well on your way.Getting Started in Internet Marketing -Make Money

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Choosing a system to make money

I know I know you just want to know how to make money. Well I’ll tell you right now – there is no fast way and there are no million dollar overnight schemes that work. What you are going to want instead is to focus on a particular area develop your skills and then try them out. The easiest systems to get started with are

–          Blogging

–          Niche website building

–          Freelancing

–          Selling digital products

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These are what we call evergreen niches; there’s always demand and there are always new opportunities to be explored. When you are looking to get started on one stay focused just on it and try to grab as much info as possible. I don’t have time here to go through the exact systems you’ll need to make money online but the info I have given should be enough to get started. When you choose a system stick to it. I personally recommend niche sites as a starting point. You’ll just need to do some keyword research (using Google keyword tool), buy a domain, install Word Press, ad advertising/affiliate links and then start posting content.

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Keeping with it and earning some money in between

Ok so you’ve hopefully got an idea for a money making project but in the meantime you’ll need the motivation to keep going and probably a little extra cash. Freelancing is the best option here with plenty of work around for writers, designers and even data entry. Use online forums and job boards to find work and you’ll soon have a little extra cash in your pocket.

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Remember to stay motivated and don’t give up on a system as there are no quick results and it takes time for your work to come to fruition.

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