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Why Good Content?

One of the biggest downfalls of many websites, especially those built for the sole purpose of creating revenue, is that people want to cut corners in areas where it may be the most important to not cut corners. I think content is one of the most often overlooked aspects of a website. The reason is because most everyone is focused on increasing traffic, but for a lot of people just now getting into the game of internet marketing, you will find that this is totally overlooked. This is a big problem for a lot of websites later on down the road.

The Math Behind Good Content

What happens when your website begins to rank well, but you’re not seeing any sales generated? The likely problem is that people simply do not know what your website is about. I had a close friend who built a website pretty quickly around a service he was providing. However, if you went to his website, you would find that it was filled with several pictures, a buy now button, but little sales copy or words telling you what the service was. In fact, even I was confused as to what the service was until he told me.

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The math behind it is fairly simple, a website that converts well will probably covert somewhere around 5%. A website that doesn’t covert well will probably sit at around 0.5% or less.

Lets look at the math and assume that you are selling a product that generates $10.00 of income per conversion. We will also assume realistic numbers in a fairly uncompetitive niche.

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Here’s why good content matters

Your website with good content converting at 5%:

You receive 500 visitors monthly
500 x 0.05 x 10.00 = $250 per month

Your website with poor content converting at 0.05%:

You receive 500 visitors monthly
500 x 0.005 x 10.00 = $25.00 per month

See just how big of a difference that is? In order for a site with bad content to catch up to one that has good content that informs the readers what the website is about and gives them something interesting to read that is related to what they were searching on, you would have to have 5000 Unique Visitors! That is a huge jump and a big step up from a website with good content.

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The downside is that if you go changing a bunch of stuff on a website, your rankings may fall significantly. It is best to write good content on your website the first go around!

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  1. Content is the King, this universal truth one can’t deny. Good content means more satisfied readers to you. When you write always read the stuff from use prospective and ask yourself if as user you are satisfied with article piece. If you are so others will…..

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