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Blogging is the new profession that everyone is opting for because they think that they have the skill to do so. But how many really know what a good or bad blog is! There is no dearth of information, but how do you present this information is an art that the bloggers need to know. There are some common mistakes that almost every blogger makes. People who are starting out doesn’t have much knowledge about blogging and therefore they are committing some mistakes and there are experienced one who sometimes overlooks things which they feel are trivial and end up committing some of the mistakes. Though we all know content rules the chart, but there are several other things involved in blogging other than just content. Therefore when you start your career in blogging or you are trying to get a foothold in the blogging arena, then you definitely must not commit these simple and common mistakes.


  • Keep it simple – Many bloggers consider that the more complex you are, the better chances of winning over the reader’s heart area. But this is not true at all instead it is just the opposite. Simplicity holds great value because there are various kinds of readers out there and not everybody would understand those heavy words. Therefore, it is better if you can keep it simple as it will help people to understand what you are saying.
  • Blogging platform – When you are just starting off, then you do not have much idea about the templates or the widgets and how you can make use of them! So it is better that you opt for some free platform and enjoy blogging for a while to get used to the tools and techniques of blogging and as soon as you feel comfortable with the whole idea switch to a more organized blogging platform.

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  • If in doubt avoid it – It might happen while researching, one site will give you a number which is completely different from that of others. If you are not able to zero in one number that you think is accurate, then don’t add up the confusion for your readers instead it will be good if you can simply avoid it. Doing so you will be actually helping yourself from getting into the wrong side of the law.
  • Count on words – It is not important that you write 1000 word counts when you can finish it off in 500 words. The important thing is to communicate what you have to say across to your readers. If you can do it in a few words, then you must carry on that way instead of looking at the word count and wondering how you can drag it to make it a bigger article. In this case you never think of making it a better article instead you always thinks of making it bigger, which is not good.

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  • Cut it short – Long sentences dilute the meaning and the readers get lost in between. Therefore, when you are writing down a piece try to write it in simple language without any jargons or heavy words or any excess words. Short and crisp is what viewers are looking for therefore try to dish out just that.
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