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There are people who have buried their head real deep to find a solution for that one perfect article for their blog! Though the answer is known to most of us, yet we fumble sometimes to get it right. It is not that hard, but just that we need to concentrate on our surroundings and get things right at a go. You cannot master the art in one day, but you can definitely get an idea about how to go about it. So just read through and make sure you follow it when you sit down to write the very next time.


  1. Jot it down right away – Ideas are hard to find therefore whenever you get some idea make sure that you write it down. If you don’t have pen and paper handy then make use of your smartphone because we all are aware of the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to come up with some blogging ideas.
  2. Keep in handy a notebook – A small notebook is a must because your mind is always alert and it never stops working therefore whenever you feel something is worth mentioning write it down in the notebook so that you can put to use later.

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  1. Title – One of the most important things when you are writing your blog. Your title must attract the attention of the audience and it must give some insight to the piece that you are writing. It must force the reader to read about the whole story.
  2. Introduce properly – After the title, this is the first thing that readers read, therefore you have to make it equally if not more interesting otherwise after one or two lines you will witness your  readers leaving the page.
  3. Topic takes it course – Don’t get driven by the word counts instead concentrate more on the concepts or the points that you can develop for the topic. Jot down all the necessary points and makes it interesting.
  4. Break it down – It will be monotonous to go through a long post without any break so it is always better to write in paragraphs. Add headlines for the paragraphs as it will hint the audience about what to expect.
  5. Impressive image – If you want to enhance your articles then updating an impressive image is a must. While doing that you must keep in mind the copyright issues and also make sure that it is relevant to what you are writing.

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  1. Read it once – Most of us commit this same mistake of not going over the write up the last time before submitting. If we do so we can fix minor issues right away and don’t get embarrassed by the silly mistakes.
  2. Formatting – It is important to make your article look good so mend the line breakage or sudden ending by formatting it properly. If you can nicely format your article then it will be a big draw for your audience too.
  3. Meta Tags and SEO – Keywords and Meta Tags will give you that edge which is required to attract attention of the search engines and the readers as well. SEO is one thing that we all look for therefore make use of it for better.
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