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Everybody is opting for blogging these days and most of it because now blogging has become a source of income as well. If you are a good writer and have a loyal follower then monetizing your blog will earn you money and also help you enjoy your life to the fullest. You will be able to travel all across the globe while you are writing down your blogs so it actually helps you in meeting your aspiration as well. Here are 10 commandments that you can follow as bloggers to become successful.


  • Make the thought your own – Everybody hires thought of someone else’s but the smart ones are those who make the thought their own by expressing it in their own words. The message is the same, but the interpretation must be different.
  • Write daily – Nobody develops the style of writing overnight they need to practice it. Set aside some time daily for writing some of some of the topics that you feel will interest your readers. This way you will be able to generate your own style which the audience will admire.

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  • Short paragraphs – When you are writing make use of paragraphs and subheadings. These help in building interest amongst the audience and they will also admire your effort of breaking down your thoughts for easy reading.
  • Make use of images – We all have realized by now that images can uplift any blog. If you are trying to grab the attention of the bloggers then you can upload some relevant images and then see how the audiences start to relate to your blog.
  • Honor commitment – Even when you are not feeling like writing anything you sometimes need to pen down your thoughts just for the sake of your audience. You are committed to provide them with blogs so you must keep up your promise even when it is not easy to jot down the thoughts.
  • Humanize blog – It is not necessary that you dish out only impactful lines in serious tones instead you can add a little bit of humor or can get some emotional touch to your blog as well. So pen down your thoughts that will be much easier for people to get connected with.
  • Feedback helps – Never take criticizes as bad things instead make it a point to go through the feedbacks that have been provided to you and improve your writing. At the end you will be benefitted by that.

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  • Good look sells – If you can make your blog look good, then it will sell more to the audience than Plain Jane blogs. Though Plain Jane might know more, but all eyes would be on the one who is glamorous therefore make use of some good themes for your blog.
  • Invite them over – Your audience will only be back if you ask them to or if you can keep their interest growing. So what you can do is to write an article which can be divided into parts and posted daily. This will make the audience come back to your site daily.
  • Create the product first – Most bloggers start tweeting and using the Facebook platform more than they do blogging. If you do not have any product ready, then what are selling off to your customers? Create your product first and then go ahead and use social media to promote it.