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Android Trick:

We displayed you the best Android phones available in the Indian market. Today, we are going to show, the proud owners of Android mobiles how to stream Video to PC, and vice-versa. Android phones have almost all the features and sometimes more than, what a basic user expects from his mobile. But, the limited display size on Android mobile devices, is a major concern, when you wish to show something to a group of people.

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Android – Surprise, Surprise!!!:

The title tells you only half the story. We are going to show you in bonus, how to stream music, and also images.

What you will need?

For Android: VLC Direct App

For PC: VLC Media Player

Android Video Streaming to PC and back
Android Video Streaming to PC and back

Step 1: Start VLC Direct on your Android handheld. A small wizard will guide you through the process of configuring the video streaming necessities. Be careful because if you accidentally quit the application or press the back button on your phone, VLC Direct will exit and not show you the wizard again. In this case, you can press the Menu button, go to ‘Settings’, and select the ‘Automatic Connection Wizard’ to re-initiate the wizard.

Step 2: Start your PC, connect it to a large screen LCD TV if you want to enjoy videos on a big screen. Start VLC Media Player on your PC. Click on ‘View | Add Interface | Web interface’ and leave VLC Media player as it is.

Step 3: On the mobile phone screen, select the ‘Start’ button and the VLC Direct app will start scanning for the machine with VLC Media Player on your local network. Once that is done, you will receive a toast message stating that it has found the player and the configurations have been set.

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You are now ready to stream your media files onto your PC instantly. Using the Android handset, you can sit back and scroll through your list of videos, photos, or music files and watch play them back on the big screen. You can control the playback (stop, play, pause, forward or rewind) and volume controls too. What’s more, you can also pull up the list of media files stored on the PC (running the VLC Media Player) and play those.

 The VLC Direct interface includes playback control buttons, icons for videos and music on your phone, a monitor icon for listing files available on the remote PC and a VLC icon for a playlist. Towards the top-left of the screen, you will find an Android logo icon (target), which is a toggle button that can be used to direct the video stream to your PC from your handheld or from the PC to the handheld. The screenshots here will explain these buttons in detail.

 Streaming media from the PC to the Android phone is pretty simple using the target button. Using this mode is beneficial as you don’t need to transcode or convert your videos into a compatible format for your Android device. You can also save on storage space on your phone by treating the PC as a media server. Streaming from your PC to the Android device can also be convenient when someone else is using the laptop and you’d like to access media content on it. 

Android Tutorial – Important Note:

In order to stream media files from a PC to your Android phone, you will need to purchase the VLC Direct Pro version, which is available on the Android Market for Rs 164. The Free Android version can stream seamlessly to a PC without any limit, but streaming from a PC to your phone is only allowed for a few minutes.