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Has your Facebook wall been subject to an artillery of photos that looked heavily discolored and like they were taken in the 40’s? Have you come across a picture of red roses in a strange tint of blue but yet managing to appear interesting and trendy? Welcome to Instagram, the app that allows you to share photos from your mobile for free.

Within 2 years of launch, Instagram became an online phenomenon. It was initially launched as an app supported only on iPhone and iPad, but now it has extended support to Android phones too. Recently Instagram was acquired by Facebook for a whopping amount.

80 million people now a part of Instagram

The popularity of Instagram rose by leaps and bounds from the time it was launched. From 1 million users by the end of 2010 to over 80 million registered users, the journey of Instagram has been lightening fast. What made 80 million people become a part of Instagram? The answer is as simple as using Instagram. It is the ease with which you can edit and share your pictures that has made Instagram an instant hit. Just download the app from the app store and create a profile. Take pictures with your app or use any picture saved on your phone. Give interesting and unique name for the photos and upload them.

Why was Instagram a hit? And why does it still continue to rule the rest? Well the answer is, it is trendy, converts an ordinary piece of photography into a masterpiece with some quirky effects and filters. Choose a normal photo from your mobile album and bring it to life by adding any of the 11 different filters. It doesn’t matter if your hair looks red and your lips are the shade of pale blue, your Instagram edited photos will surely catch everyone’s eyeballs.

Add vintage or futuristic effects to your photos, the final outcome will surely be nothing ordinary. Are you satisfied with the outcome? What are you waiting for? Share it with the whole wide world. You could share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and on Instagram. Whether you want to keep it public or private, the choice is yours. Like your friends photo? All you have to do is ‘follow’ your friend. Your friends’ photos will appear on your profile. You could ‘Like’ it or better yet comment on it. Get in to the friendly Instagram community sharing photos and the stories behind those photos.

Although Instagram has taken certain amount of criticism from professional photographers, it continues to woo the younger generation all the same. Those who thought that the apps lacked any merit felt that Instagram edited photographs looked artificial filled with editing that was not required. But for those amateur photographers equipped with nothing but their mobile and a shade of aesthetic sense, Instagram provides a creative outlet.

Certain photos manage to take us on an emotional rollercoaster, invoking our experiences, feelings and memories. Tell the story of your life with photos. Make it more interesting with creative captions and amazing effects. Capture your world in series of colorful photos and share it with your friends.

It is time you gave words a rest. Now is the time to say it with pictures. Move from the unremarkable to the captivating, from boring to the exciting.

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