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Great bloggers do not sprout up in one day instead it takes a lot of hard work to get into the position. The experienced lot has learned from their own mistakes and enhanced their writing. If you have a basic idea about blogging or how a blog post must be then you will be able to write in a better way, but that doesn’t mean that you will be the best blogger the very next day. Great blogs are those which are engaging and are mainly jargon free. Blogging platform can be used effectively for marketing some product or just plain and simple sharing. Therefore, depending on what your preferences are, you can make use of some great blogs.


  • The Audience is the key – The first thing that you need to do is understand for whom you are writing. Your audience will tell you which way to go and which topics to choose from. If your audiences are mostly for small business, then they will savor your help regarding use of social media in small businesses. Understanding the requirement of the audience and dishing out exactly what suits them is an important skill that you need to master.

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  • Intro must be gripping – When you are writing an article it is important that you take care of your intro because that is the part which will decide whether to read on or stop reading the article then and there. Tell them what to expect out of the whole article and which way your article is heading. Introduction of your story must be kept crisp as if you linger on long with your intro it will lose its charm.
  • Zero in on good topic – If you are running out of ideas, then you can make use of some old ideas and spin them over to suit your audience’s requirement. Therefore, if you have written on what makes a good blog, then now you must try to provide  information on what they should avoid as a writer in order to make their blogs work. Provide some valuable information to your customers so that they keep coming back for more.
  • Research well – It is important that you have your facts right else you will be passing down the wrong information to your audience as well which is not a good thing to do. Don’t just write down anything and everything instead wait for the right idea to click so that you can provide the best to your audience! If you are in doubt, it is better that you avoid posting those facts as it is good not to update something which might be misleading.

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  • Best writing habit – Good habits are hard to grow and it goes same with writing as well. You won’t be a great writer all of a sudden, instead it will need a lot of hard work from your side. Initially you might feel lost and feel too exhausted after writing for the whole day but once you get used to the idea you will start enjoying the writing process.