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Blogs are not only restricted to how to do guides instead it has widened its horizon. Now you will also get blogs on taking care of your skin and hair, cooking recipes for everything present on the face of earth. Blogging is getting bigger and better, and if you are still not sure then you can see how even the political parties take it to blogging in the time of election. So keeping this in mind, we have brought to you 15 most popular blogs.


  • The Huffington Post – When Arianna Huffington started this blog post, not many were sure about the fate, but when it started ringing in money for her everybody took it seriously. Now it is said that it was the turning point of the web world and the way blogs are written.
  • Techcrunch – In 2005 it started its journey as a blog, but soon shifted to be the most popular news websites. This blog appears within the top 5 of the rating which is carried out by Technorati. Barack Obama’s interview along with John McCain has also been aired on here.
  • TMZ – It is one blog where you will find everything that is related to the stars and their life. Even the mundane things get posted here because it has viewers from around 1.6 million who wants to know every tiny bit of information about their stars.

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  • Jezebel – One blog which is truly and entirely for women. Starting from the write-ups of the images, everything is up there which will cater to the women readers. Even when the political news or any current story is updated it has the story written in the format which will be appealing to the woman audience.
  • Mashable – It came into existence in 2005 and have been reporting and reviewing the latest development since then. The audience range is huge for this social networking site which starts from a 13 year old tech geek to a web developer.
  • Kottke – If you are in search of bloggers who follows an old school style then here is one for you. His collection dates back to 1998 and it also makes up for some interesting reading as well. It is now doing the rounds of social networking sites for almost a decade now.
  • Perezhilton – It is the site which most celebrities love to hate because of the gossip that gets published on this site. It blurts out truth about drug use or drink and driving cases which otherwise the celebrities would love to keep under wraps.
  • Gawker – This is another blog about celebrity gossip. It was founded by Nick Denton a journalist back in 2002 and since then it has huge audience who is still growing in number. Currently the blog boasts of 11 million viewers.
  • Endgadget – If you want to know anything about some kind of gadget or technology then you can visit this blog and you are definitely going to get what you want in here. It has the power to influence even the share price of some of the big names in the technology world.
  • LifeHacker – This site gets an estimated monthly visitors of 23,250,000 and is ranked quite high too. It will offer you some interesting reading on various topics in fact, it gives you everything under one roof.
  • Dooce – One of the best personal blogs where the writers share a part of their life with millions of strangers. The topics range from family life, motherhood, puppies and everything related to daily life.

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  • Chez Pim – If you are trying to figure out which food will suit your taste or which restaurant is doing or how you can create some wonderful dish then the site will provide you the perfect recipe.
  • The Sartorialist – Scott Schuman can bring out fashion in the simplest of dress material and this is how he has done things for more than a decade now. His blog is considered as one of the Time’s 100 Design influences.
  • Beppe Grillo – The site by a popular Italian comedian as well as political commentator who is sick of corruption and scandals of the country came up with the blog to make people aware of what is going on in his witty style.
  • Icanhascheezburger – A smiling cat was the inspiration for the site and since then there have been various photos of cats that have been published on here. Even the language is changed to fit in the environment.