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Every blogger has a dream that one day their blog will get record breaking traffic and almost everyone would be viewing his pages and sharing the content with each other. But you will be surprised to know that there are actually some disadvantages of receiving excess traffic on blog. A high-traffic day may not necessarily turn out to be a fruitful day for you. There are certain downsides to high-traffic and we will look into these in detail.

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Web Host Cannot Handle Too Much Blog Traffic

A letter from the web host can actually be a rude shock for you. If your blog suddenly experiences incredibly high traffic then you may get that dreaded letter from the web host, wherein you will be notified that since your site was utilizing the maximum system resources, they had no other option but to suspend the site. Don’t be surprised as they can take this step; it is usually there in the terms and conditions.

What happens when too much blog traffic backfires

You may feel like freaking out but you need to act fast as emails will start pouring in from all corners. You can write a letter to the web host and they will be willing to reinstate your account only if you remove that particular blog which was causing the overload. All your other blogs will remain unaffected.

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Moving Blog To A New Host

This may sound too simple but it would be a nerve-wrecking experience once you decide to move your blog to a new host. You need to find a new host, back up your entire data and download the site files as quickly as possible. If you had been working on any project then that would have to wait for a considerable length of time. You need to do all this quickly because if a client clicked on your site and is greeted with the sign “Account Suspended” then your credibility will be questioned. Your reputation will be at stake. Start searching for a site that has a promotion like 3 months free or maybe a site is giving a free domain name. You may not need it at that point of time but you can use it for future projects. Get signed up on the new site and re-start your blog in double quick time.

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Technical Glitches

Everybody will tell you that moving from one host to another is piece of cake. Well, don’t believe them. It takes hell of a time to download the massive sized files and folders. You may have to start over and over again as Filezilla will get timed out on a number of occasions. So you need to choose a host that will help you in downloading the files through SSH. The technical support team of the new host should assist you in transferring the files through SSH. You are not expected to know the necessary SSH commands so if the new host is not offering this service; you need to pay some other site to do it for you. Not many people are ready for the sudden expense. Lastly when you are choosing a new host look for one that offers both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. So this is the right time to plan ahead and save you the trauma of high-traffic.

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