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How to Find Ideas for Blog Post

If you are a Blogger who is regularly updating your Blog, then you might have faced situations in your Blog, when you have no ideas for your blog post. This is the time when most blogger totally gets blank and there blogs have to suffer by not being updated. Regularly Updating the Blog means writing Regular Posts.

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Most of the Blogger shares there ways to keep getting new post ideas for your Blog. I follow some steps to generate new post ideas for my blog. If you are the one who don’t have any ideas for blog posts, then read the points below to get to know how to generate new ideas regularly for your post.

1.Check the Comments

The best place where you can start finding for your blog post is to check your Previous Comments. Readers have the Habit to leave Questions or there ideas in the Comment. Last Week, somebody left the Comment “Can we also get the Traffic from Images”. So this gave me an idea to write a post on getting Traffic from Images. If you finished checking your Comments and didn’t get any idea then try to read the comments on other Blogs. It will give you new ideas for your future posts.

2. Start Exploring other Blogs

You might have been visiting other blogs to read and comment on there Posts. Read the Posts there to get new ideas. Don’t just copy paste there posts in your blog, just get a spark of the idea and write down the post in different way. Lots of big Blogs are daily Updating and you can get some good ideas by reading there Posts.

3. Forums or Discussions Group

Just Signup with the Forums related to your Niche which recieves tons of Daily Traffic. Forums or Discussions Groups is the best place where the users shares there thoughts and ideas. You can see 100’s of threads to get a new idea for your post. You can get some ideas by looking at the threads. You can also join any previous discussion and can get new ideas for your Post.

4. Ask Your Readers

Asking your Readers is the best way to get ideas for your Blog Post. You are writing for your Readers, so why don’t you ask your Readers only to suggest you some Ideas for your blog posts. You can also ads a New Page in your Blog with Title “Suggest me any Post”. Try adding a Contact Form on that Page and ask your Readers to send you new ideas related to your Niche and you will write a post on it. You can also add the name of the person in the post, who suggested you the post Idea. This will get you more ideas from your Readers.


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