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There are a lot of social media websites on the web like, Facebook being the largest one followed by Google Plus etc. Social networking sites were designed to create a social network between people but now, it has revamped itself and turned out to be something totally new. People are now flooding social networking sites for their own purpose. Like, some people are on social networking site just because of Affiliate Marketing, some are there just for promoting their blog etc. I don’t consider it wrong, but I consider it unhealthy. Twitter is emerging out to be one of the best social networking sites, especially after the new layout. Twitter is a microblogging site where your tweet can have characters up to 140. But Twitter is of no use if you don’t have a big followers count, so to help you in increasing your Twitter followers we have compiled the list of Top 5 Tips to Increase Twitter Followers for you.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

Use Tags

Using tags may sound new to the people who are new to Twitter. You can create a tag by just placing the hash (#) as the prefix. For example I tweet – “I love #blogging” so my word “blogging” becomes a tag. Click the tag and you will get redirected to the search page of Twitter. If your tweet will become trendy then you’ll rank better and above the others so there are chances of people noticing you and starting to follow you.

Don’t Brag

Never brag about anything on your Twitter profile. Be yourself; don’t try to be someone else. People started to follow you because of the way you are, not because of the materialistic things you posses, well exceptions are there.

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Stay Updated

If you will stay updated about the world happenings, then you can tweet your thoughts including hash tags and this way, more and more people will start following you just to get your opinion about a particular thought.

Update Daily

That’s the biggest problem with all of us; we never stay consistent with things. If you have started off with the Twitter, tweet at least 5 times a day and if you’ll miss even one day, you have to start from the scratch and I am sure you don’t want that.

Healthy About Me

If you think that no one reads the “About Me” section of your Twitter page then you are mistaken because everyone reads it before following you. So create a healthy about me. All what I can say about healthy about me is, stay short, keep it to the point and always keep it simple.


Author’s Bio : This article is written by James. James is a Twitterholic who’s living in the United Kingdom. He pursued a degree in Comp. Sci. from MIT in the year 1997 and today he’s leading a professional blog and also doing real estate business. You can contact him if you Need A Property UK or somewhere else in the world.