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I already shared the importance of Alexa ranking system in my previous post .In this post we are going to discuss the tips on how to increase your Alexa ranking.

Most of the advertising networks are considering the Alexa rank for approving your application .Also you will get more valuable advertisers if you have  a better Alexa rank.Since it is an important ranking system in the word,your blog have to find a better ranking with it.

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Update Blog Regularly

Updating your blog regularly is an important factor for SEO .Similarly ,updating your blog will help to improve your Alexa rank.You can make  a 3-4 quality posts per week and you will get a  better ranking in within some weeks.

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Download and Install Alexa Toolbar

Download and install Alexa toolbar on your browser and keep visit your site .The toolbar can download from www.alexa.com .Also encourage your users to download and install the Alexa toolbar.Why alexa ranking is important


Add your Site to Alexa

You can add your site to Alexa by visiting http://www.alexa.com/siteowners .Also add about your site to Alexa .You can write a review for my site at http://www.alexa.com/write/review/moretricks.com.


Use Alexa Widget on your Site

Add any of the Alexa widget to your blog by visiting http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/widgets .Alexa supports different type of traffic statics buttons for your blog.You can select any one from it and place in your blog.


Exchange links

Exchange links with other sites which is having the same concept .You can also give outbound links to quality sites and related sites which will make you blog popular.

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Use Social Website

Social media makes a big role in your blog .The most affecting social medias are Google+ ,Facebook , Twitter , Digg, StumbleUpon .You can use this social websites to promote your traffic and rank

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I guess this tips will help you to increase your blog’s Alexa ranking .Wish you all the best for your success.


Do you have any tips to share ? Wanna say something ?

10 thoughts on “Tips to Increase your Blog’s Alexa Rank”
  1. well,nice artical has written by you.but do you know that google does not count link exchange backlink.will you tell me the trick to approve the google adsense account.

    1. Back links are most valuable for Google ranking .If you are having quality content with a considerable traffic is enough for getting adsense account .Try to get a custom domain it will make the process easier.

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  3. This is a very helpful tips, thanks for sharing. I will try to update my blog content regularly.

  4. Google is content orientated. The more places you have got your seo content, the more web traffic you get! The social bookmarking sites can definitely help you with web traffic increasing!

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