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Designing SEO strategies geared towards increasing traffic to your website, especially if you goal is to convert these traffic into profits, can be a daunting task. Creating a large amount of traffic to your website from potential online buyers for your products or services can be one of the principal ways of creating income from your website

There are numerous ways of increasing your website’s visibility and preference to potential online buyer looking for information, products or services that you are offering. Below are some of those.

a.) Opt for Long-Tail Keywords

Including a blog post in your website is not only important but also very beneficial. Blogs are one of the most cost-effective ways of consistently increasing traffic over an extended period of time. Therefore, combining the use of high ranking long-tail keywords greatly enhances your website’s performance and indeed increases your blog post rankings on SERPs without using off-page optimization and link building.

b.) The 3 to 5 Keyword Rule

Having blog posts or web pages that contain more than two keywords is not only safe but wise as this increases the rate of traffic generation to your website. For example, if your website holds 15 blog posts or web pages with 3 keywords for each page, this computes to 45 keywords. This means that 45 keywords will be used to draw traffic to your website in a month, thus the more keywords you have, more traffic to your site.

c.) The DoFollow Technique

Participating in blog posts having similar themes as your own is a great technique to promoting your own website as well as build up on your keyword rankings on search engines especially those that have DoFollow attributed links. Also, creating and building good social networks with other bloggers can give you opportunities to special reviews, mentions, guest blog opportunities and in-content links. Using your keywords as links will also multiply traffic to your website especially if they are common on other web pages with content similar to yours and are DoFollow attributed.

d.) Guest Blogs and Forum Posting

Participating in guest blogs and forums is certainly a very effective way of acquiring and building high quality links with other bloggers and websites and greatly improves SERP rankings and the much needed traffic. Choose blogs and forums relevant to your website, have high web page rankings, and receive tremendous traffic (compare with Alexa Traffic rankings). But first, invest on the creation of an extensive knowledge base rather than focus on building links.

e.) Submitting Articles in Various Formats

The cool thing about article marketing is that you secure self-propagating links that broadcast almost naturally on trusted directories such as Amazines, Articlesbase, Ezinearticles, Goarticles, etc. especially if your article was convincing and resourceful, as your article will get a lot of re-postings by those who seek trusted information increasing web coverage for your links and thus more traffic.

Changing your article formats say PDF and PowerPoint slides for texts and graphics, and podcasts for video formats will certainly attract attention from online bloggers who are then redirected to your website increasing web traffic in no time, also considering the fact that these formats have higher rankings on search engines.

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