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The 6 Best Free Blogger Templates for Gamers

If you are a gamer and love to blog about it then you have come to the right place. Blogger offers many free templates for your blogs, but these six are the best templates out there for game lovers. See which one would fit your gaming blog.

Game Maniac – A graphic-novel like title area and blood red background filled with comic book sketches of heroes and villains at war, this template is a gamer’s dream. Plenty of room for images and text.

Best Free Gaming template for Blogger

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ShowTime – A template for gamers, video junkies, and music lovers, this template has a band rocking out to the right of the title area. A dark background makes images really pop.

Best Free Gaming template for Blogger
GamePassion– Terrifying giants, black and green text. Can’t get any better than that. The background is a shadowy and ominous cloudy sky, covered by a horned creature. Black and green lettering make up title, and the tool bar is starkly jade against the black.

Best Free Gaming template for Blogger

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Your Lucky Day – For the old school gamer, we have the template for you. Playing cards featuring scantily clad women decorate the left side of a green felt background complete with spiral lined notebook paper to keep score.

Best Free Gaming template for Blogger

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GameDude–If games about the end of the world tickle your fancy, then this is the template for you. A heavily armed man walking down a destroyed street is in the title area. The background is slate grey with complementary text and bar areas.

Free blogger templates for gamers

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GameHub– Another template with a cool title area, this one has super-modern soldiers and ancient ninjas both. The orange, black and white color scheme makes it really pop. As does the radiation symbol!

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No matter what kind of gamer you are: poker or blackjack, Xbox or Playstation, PC or Mac, it doesn’t matter. Whichever games you enjoy will find a home on one of these templates. Try one out on your blog and see if it makes your posts come alive!

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