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Free Facebook Likes,Twitter Followers,Google+1,Site Traffic and YouTube Views

Today I am going to introduce a site which will give you free Free Facebook Likes,Twitter Followers,Google+1,Site Traffic, YouTube Views and much more.This site will be a great choice for all peoples who would like to get Free Facebook Likes,Twitter Followers,Google+1,Site Traffic, YouTube Views.

I am going to introduce¬† a site www.Sociohit.co.cc which is basically a exchange system where you earn points for free and those points can be used to get Facebook likes,Twitter followers,Google +1 , youtube views etc.This is fully automated system and you don’t want to pay for using this system.

Free Facebook Likes,Twitter Followers,Google+1,Site Traffic and YouTube Views

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You can just visit this site and can register for a new account by providing your email account.A verification mail will be send to your email account and on activation you can start using this free service.

How This System Works to get Free Facebook Likes?

As I already said that this is an exchange system , where number of peoples will register with the same system.And after registering with the site .The peoples can add their Facebook fan page , Google +1 fan page , Twitter Page , YouTube Video links to get free likes,+1s , Followers and views respectively.

How SocioHit is Free ?

The answer is very simple , upon signup with this site you will get credited with 50 Free points this points can be assigned to you pages and videos to get freee hits and likes.And also you can like others Facebook pages , +1 others Google+ pages , watch videos of others , and can also follow others to get free points.This points are automatically added to your account and can be used for getting the same for your pages and videos.

In simple this is a mutual understanding system where you earn points for liking,+1 ing ,watching videos,and for following.

The points are credited to your account on the basis of how much other are assigned for doing that tasks.For example you can assign the point for your page , and by liking that page the other person will get that much point say 5 points.Similarly 5 points will be deducted from your account.

How I start with SocioHit.co.cc to get Free Facebook Likes

Follow the below procedure to sign up and start with Sociohit.co.cc

  • Visit the link http://sociohit.co.cc/register.php or visit my referral link by clicking here
  • Fill your username , email and password and click register
  • Check your email inbox to verify your registration
  • Once verified you can login using the login details.
  • Now you can add your Facebook Page,Goolge+ page , Youtube video link and your site link to get hits for free by clicking on the “Add site” link
  • You can add your Twitter page by clicking “Twitter Account” from sidebar
  • To earn more points click on the “earn coins” tab on the navigation menu
  • Start liking, watching and following to earn more and more points.

How SocioHit Help to Increase Traffic

Sociohit has an option to add your site into traffic exchange.If you add your link to traffic exchange your site will be visible to the peoples who uses sociohit autosurf to earn points.You can also earn points by surfing others sites.So you will get number of unique visits to your site without much risk.

Referral Program to Earn More Points with SocioHit

Socio hit provides referral program to earn points without taking much more risk.Any user clicks on your referral link will make you earn 1 point and if some one sign up using your referral link you will get 50 points for free.To get your referral link you can click on the “Promote site”¬† link.You will get referral link and banner.

If you are having a site , then you can just write a review like this and place your referral links there.Surely the users will signup using this link and you will get more and more points.That means you don’t want to take any further action to increase your facebook likes or twitter followers,your site traffic etc.

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  1. I have registered myself with the sociohit, quite interesting to get the social fans and followers. Thanks for sharing the information.

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