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There will come a time when most bloggers decide it is time to outsource their content. Maybe the blogger cannot find the time to write, maybe they cannot find the time to write enough content to fill the demands of their readers, or maybe they’re simply tired of writing. No matter what the reason, outsourcing is a great way to continue your blog without the hassle of creating enticing posts.

Should You Hire Overseas Resources to Create Content for Your BlogWhen a blogger decides to outsource, they may be torn between using freelancers in the US or outsourcing overseas. Before deciding if sending your content overseas is the right move for you, you need to consider the pros and cons.

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Pro: It can be cheaper

Most freelance writers in other countries will not charge as much as a US-based writer. Freelance writers in the US can charge anywhere from $30-$75 per hour, and those overseas will charge significantly less. If you have a limited budget and need to outsource your content, sending it overseas may be your best option.

Con: There may be communication barriers

If you send your content to be produced overseas, you may notice a difference in tone and language. Even with a great education, if English is not your writer’s first language, you may need to proofread it and fix any grammar or spelling errors. If the point of outsourcing was so you had less work to do, having to proofread and fix these posts could end up being extra work for you.
You may also have trouble effectively communicating your needs. The different languages may hinder your writer’s comprehension of what exactly you need written and when you need it written by. If your blog runs on a deadline, this could cause a problem for the timing of your posts.

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Pro: Quick turnaround time

Since there is a difference in time zones between the US and other countries, you may notice quicker turnaround times. If you send a request to a writer during the day, it will be night overseas. But while you’re sleeping at night, it will be day overseas, and your writer could be diligently working. By the time you wake up the next morning, you could have a great blog post waiting in your inbox.

Con: Your posts could be inconsistent

If you use more than one freelance writer, the tone and style of the writing can be different from one to another. If you’re trying to pass these posts off as your own, your readers may notice the change in style or tone—or they may even notice the foreign slang or spelling—and question the validity of your posts.
Outsourcing your writing is a big decision to make, and deciding whether or not to outsource locally or overseas can add to this decision. You need to make sure to consider both the pros and cons of outsourcing overseas before finding yourself a freelance writer. Try to interview the freelancer and see a portfolio of their work before hiring them. Ensuring that your freelancer is both talented and dependable will make the outsourcing process run more smoothly.