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There are plenty of reasons your business hired an SEO company. Maybe you didn’t have the resources to effectively implement and manage SEO tactics in house. Maybe you thought it would be better handled by someone with experience. Whatever the reason may be, you hired them to do a job, so how do you know if it’s time to fire them?
Search engine optimization is a tricky tactic, as it takes a good amount of time to marinate and produce results. Nobody should ever hire an SEO company and expect to see results the next day—that’s just not how it works. Since SEO takes a while to show results, it can be a while before you can decide whether or not to fire your SEO company.

How to Decide if You Should Fire Your SEO Company

Before you fire anybody, you need to have proof

Having an outside company control your SEO can be tricky because it involves trust. Since you cannot physically see actual results for a while, you have no idea if the company is actually doing anything to help improve your site’s SEO. And since this company probably doesn’t share an office with you, you can’t just pop your head into their office and see what they’re working on.
Luckily there are a few ways to see if progress is being made. You should set up a Google Alert for your company. Any time your company name is mentioned, Google will recognize it and alert you via email. If you are barely receiving one alert every week, then the SEO tactics being implemented by the company aren’t working. If you notice a great amount of alerts occurring every day, it is a good sign that the SEO efforts are being implemented effectively.
You can also set up online tracking. Sites such as Google Analytics allow you to see where web traffic is being generated from. After you set up an account, take note of the amount of traffic your site is getting everyday. If your site is drawing a ton of traffic, your SEO tactics are working wonders. If your site is barely getting viewed, it may be time to find a new SEO company.
Both Google Alerts and Google Analytics will give you proof into whether or not SEO tactics have been implemented and whether or not they’re actually working. If the tactics aren’t working, you can take the Analytics report to the SEO company as proof of why you’re letting them go.

When it’s okay to fire my SEO company

Because SEO takes a while to show results, you should give your SEO company at least six months to prove that they have made a successful effort. If after six months you haven’t seen any significant results, it’s time to let them go.
The SEO efforts of this company should not solely be generating traffic to your site, but it should also provoke users to take an action. If you have an increase in traffic, but there hasn’t been an increase in sales, it’s time to find a new SEO company.
Great SEO tactics should include rich keywords that shoot your company into a great search engine results page ranking. After six months, perform a search on your company. If you’re not listed in the top three pages of a search engine results page, fire your SEO company.
One key job of an SEO company is to determine effective and popular keywords and implement them into your site. Since popular keywords and phrases change every day, and since some keywords generate better results than others, it’s important for your SEO company to stay on top of these and make a continuing effort to input new, rich keywords into your content.  If you notice that your list of keywords hasn’t changed over the last few months, find yourself a new SEO company.
Your SEO company needs to work for you and provide you with the results you were hoping for. If you’ve given them all the time in the world and haven’t seen any results, it’s time to shop around.

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