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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III is a touch screen Smartphone. The set has a delicate design having variety of functions. This Smartphone is parallel to Apple’s IPhone 4S and HTC X One. This handset is very popular in UK.  The international version of this Smartphone includes 1.4 GHz quad-core processor having RAM of 1 GB where as the American version of Samsung Galaxy S III includes 1.5 GHz dual-core processor having RAM of 2 GB. This phone has 8 Megapixel sharp camera but the bad thing with this phone is that its screen is too dim and it fails to sweep the HTC’s excellence and the lovers of Apple’s IPhone. Apples’ IPhone has captured the market but Samsung Galaxy S series is also not far behind and it does not mean that the Samsung Galaxy S series is not popular. The sale ratio of Samsung Galaxy S II was 50 million units worldwide and this S III is also making new records in the market of US, UK and Middle East. Samsung Galaxy S III is considered to be the safest phone but an incident occurred in the city of Dublin with a person while driving his car. The detail of the incident is as under.

Samsung Galaxy S III’s Incident

Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the sensational Smartphone of the recent year, but an incident happen when a person was driving his car in the city of Dublin. The person said when he was on the way his phone caught fire and after that a white flame came out with a bang. His phone burned and melted his case to his mobile. The phone was working but having no signal at all. Samsung Company contacted the person and asked all the necessary details about the incident.

The guy said that he didn’t receive any help from the retailer but the Samsung Company has contacted him. Samsung is committed to provide quality products to its customers and the company is providing high quality products to its worldwide customers but such incidents may happen like an incident occurred in 2010 with IPhone when the plane was landing so it’s not just the case of Samsung Galaxy. The customer services head went to see the person and gave him a new Smartphone.

The person said that I m not confirmed that whether there was any fault with the Smartphone or not because it may be caused due to my car’s heating system but I am happy that I got my Galaxy back. The Company is investigating and when it will complete, the real picture will come out.  The Company said that in the early investigation period we have found nothing about the fault of the Smartphone but it will be early to say something about it at this time.

Finally Samsung Galaxy S III is gaining its popularity and Samsung is expecting to sell about 10 million units by July so if you are smart then go and have a Smartphone.


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