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Today I am here with one WordPress optimization tip which will show you how to remove unused images from WordPress blogs.Since WordPress is running on self hosted servers, keeping unused images over there in the server folders will affect your blogs performance .Finding and deleting unused images manually from a WordPress blog may be a difficult task.The difficulty of task increases when increasing the size of new blog.You can do it manually if your blog is relatively new and contains less number of posts and files.But if you own number of posts and thousands of images in it, then finding and deleting unused images from WordPress blog by manually may be a heart killing task.Then how to do it automatically?. How Can I delete unused images from WordPress blogs in simple clicks?. All your questions will be answered by this simple article!.

Even If you are not uploading unwanted images to your WordPress blog, while you upload any image to your blog, the WordPress will create multiple copies of it with different size and stores in uploads folder.Most of the time our blog may not use all such different image sizes and however keep it in the server without any use.The other one reason to increase the number of unused images in your blog is the availability of guest posting opportunity.Some peoples will upload large files in to your blog if you give permission to do so for guest authors.

Plugin to Remove UnUsed Images from WordPress Blog

All those unwanted images from WordPress blogs can be removed by the use of a plugin named Delete Unused Images.While you use this plugin, it will scan your WordPress blog and finds the images that are not used with your blog posts or pages and lists.You can select the images in bulk or you can select one by one to remove it from your blog.

remove unused images from wordpress

Note : Before you use this plugin on your blog, I strongly recommend you to take back up of your blog.

I tried this plugin personally on my blogs and removed hundreds of images from it.Once you install the plugin on your blog(It can be done from WP dash board or through FTP), you can access it from Settings – DNUI. There you will get an option to scan your WordPress blog for Unused images.

delete unused images from blogs

Scanning the blog will list used and unused images from your blog.You will have the option to select unused images one by one or you can click the select all button to select all unused images from list and can press delete button to delete it.You can press the next button to get another query to find unused images in WordPress blog.


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Hope this article helped you to save storage on your server by removing unused images from WordPress blogs.