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There are many reasons why peoples use redirection plugins on blogs.Today I am going to share how you can redirect link using WordPress plugin.The go -codes WordPress plugin will mask your original URL and will give a shortened or another URL.In most of the cases bloggers will use redirection plugins to hide their ugly affiliate links.Some times affiliate links may be bigger one or may be difficult to remember it.Some cases peoples will make use it to share through messengers or through social networks.

GoCodes Plugin for WordPress

GoCodes plugin will mask the destination URL from the user.Some peoples may not show interest to click on the ugly URL, So you will miss many commissions.Setting up GoCodes plugins is very easy.You can just download and install the Codes plugin on your WordPress blog.

Once you installed the plugin you need to set up the URL trigger. It is nothing but the center part of your shortened URL.GoCodes alters your long URL to something like www.moretricks.com/recommended/storename.That is the recommended is the trigger here.If you need your URL looking like www.moretricks.com/go/storename then you have to set URL trigger as “go.

To set the URL trigger you have to go to GoCodes setting page from WordPress dashboard.It can be accessed at settings-GoCodes.

redirect plugin for WordPress

I would recommend you to tick the checkbox that asks Nofollow GoCodes for a better SEO.

Now you can start adding your URLs for redirection.To do so, you have to go to Tools->GoCodes from your WordPress dashboard.Where you will ask for Redirection key, target URL and whether you want to count hits.

add urls to redirect gocodes

In the above screen shot, I entered the redirection key as “hostgator” and target URL as my hostgator affiliate link and ticked the count hits tick box.What happens here?, actually it will change my long hostgator affiliate link to one that looks like www.moretricks.com/recommends/hostgator.

So when ever some one clicks on the shortened link the user will be redirected to my original affiliate link and I will get commission.Also the number of clicks on URL will be counted as I ticked the check box.

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Hope you learn how to redirect your affiliate links using WordPress plugin.

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  1. The Redirection plugin can handle creating 301 redirects for fixing broken links on a site.

    Also, it can be used to shorten affiliate / referral links so that they are easier to share.

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