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Keyloggers also known as key Stroke recorders are the softwares that can record the key strokes.These are Used in phishing websites to steal your username and password.These keylogger can also be installed on a computer and they can send usernames and passwords using your Internet connection.You can protect yourself using special tips and tricks.And if you follow the guidelines we are providing your username and password will be safe even if a keylogger has been already installed on your system.Here are the tips and tricks to protect yourself from the keyloggers
1.Enable Your Firewall:-
Firewalls donot stop the keyloggers from entering into your PC But hey can help in stopping the keyloggers from sending your information.It is always recommended that you install a good firewall software to protect your computer from unauthorized access.By default Microsoft windows firewall is enabled.
2.Use Good Antivirus Software And Avoid Downloading cracked Softwares:-
Use good antivirus softwares like Norton,mcafee or use the free ones like Avg,Avast,Avira.They certainly provide a lot of protection against keylogger.Using a special Antispyware program also helps.And avoid downloading softwares which have been cracked.Also avoid using torrents as much as you can because torrents is the hub of viruses and home of hackers.
Now Will Discuss How to Foll Keyloggers
If you believe that their is a keylogger in your system then you can do the following things to protect yourself

1.Instead of typing your username and password using your keyboard type it using On Screen Keyboard.On Windows Platform it can be opened By typing osr in run.

2.Type moreĀ  random characters in your password field and then select it using your mouse,Now type your real password.This will add the random characters in front of the password recorded by keylogger and the keylogger is fooled by you for sending wrong password.
3.Keylogger runs in the background.Always check out for suspicious processes using task manger and end them.
This tips and tricks will help you out in protecting yourself from these harmful spywares