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Windows 7 is came up with lot of features in to the market, even the Windows vista was flop the Windows 7 became a successful one.In order to match up with the quality and features of the Windows 7 operating system then you should have the need to update your self with the helpful Tricks for Windows 7 in a perfect manner.
1. You can easily preview the photos in the windows explorer while you are actually working on it. You just have to press a key combination of ALT + P and a photo preview will appear on the right side of the screen.

2. There is one more fine feature for which you will go die for. You can use the Desktop magnifier process. Just press the Window key + the plus key in order to zoom in and then press Window key + the minus key in order to zoom out. You can easily zoom any where on to the desktop and moreover you can configure all your magnifiers. You can select to text insertion, follow the keyboard concentration, to follow the mouse pointer and to invert colors.

3. You can make Web searches from your entire desktop. This operating system allows you to search for the internet resources by just adding a nice connector which will be downloaded for free. For an example, go to www.bizzntech.com/flickrsearch–> then download the Flicker connector. Just after that you will see a flicker Search in the searches folder. You can do it directly from the desktop and that also without requiring visiting the web site.

4. In order to have swift access to your particular videos Right click the Start button – go to Properties  Start Menu – Customize – set the Videos to “Display as a link”. You are completely done, this way add videos to start up menu.