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When we talk about landing pages we are focus on a single product/service page that we want to drive traffic on and convert it into a sale. Startup companies will just build up the page and promote it on social media platforms. Yes that’s one way to capture leads, but how can you have a consistent lead generating page that will give you a lot of sales? The answer for that would be optimizing a landing page that will keep your phone ringing and your inbox filled with inquires and orders.

Landing Page Creation

Optimizing a Landing Page Using Using Outbound and Inbound Links

Tailor your landing page to provide your demographics needs. The majority of people in the web are searching for answers. Your products/services must be the solution to their problems. Take note that you need to have convincing call to actions in your landing page. Makes sure that your landing pages are keyword rich and also the meta description of the page. There are different kinds of landing pages, so it’s up you to know what’s best for your services/products.

  • Sales Page
  • Content Page
  • Pricing
  • Opt-In Page
  • Social Share

For example you’re selling some bicycle parts, your landing pages would look like a sales/pricing page for your visitors to know the cost so that they will be able to purchase your product easily. In this scenario your landing page would be more specific to the product. You just need the product information and a good call to action. You can also combine some media like videos and images to give your landing pages some flavor and to be more convincing. Videos are really great to entice your visitors to purchase your product. It can be a product video or a testimonial from other people who are using your products.

Optimize your Landing Page Using Inbound Links

 Inbound links is one factor to drive traffic and increase ranking to your landing pages. It is wise to build links on authoritative website to give value to your landing pages. Make sure that your inbound links are nested in a relevant content where you can drive interested people to your landing pages. In time you’ll realize the effort you’ve put in building those links for your landing pages. Your landing pages must be accessible to your demographics. Here are some link building strategies for your landing pages:

  • Guest Posting
  • Advertising
  • Resource Listing
  • Content Curation
  • Social Media
  • Blogging

Optimize your Landing Page Using Internal Links

 Internal linking is a best way to drive your visitors to other pages of your website. In the penguin update over optimization is discussed I’m sure that you knew this already. So be careful when doing internal linking don’t over do it, just make it natural. I saw the video of SEOmoz whiteboard friday and they talked about internal linking strategies. I agree with John Doherty I’ve also see some sites that use their footer to populate some keyword rich anchor text pointing to other site or pages within the site. That’s not a very smart. Here are the key points that you should focus on:

Optimizing a Landing Page Using Using Outbound and Inbound Links1

  • Think about what your visitors would want to see. As Google aims to give their user the best search results you should also aim to give your visitors what they need.
  • In optimizing a landing page perspective you should create compelling call to actions within your article or in your sidebar so that your readers will be clicking those links.
  • Think about your site architecture. Make sure that from your home page your visitors can easily navigate to your landing page in just one click.

Author Bio: Al Gregorios, Content Manager forProjectAssistant withBusinessinaBox solutions, enjoys discovering and sharing business strategies for online marketing, CRM, project management, mobile marketing and technical publications.

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