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Writing takes time, agree. Good writing takes even more time. However, experienced article writers manage the performance of writing a good piece of article within minutes, delivering the exact amount of information necessary to look like it is a documented article. And those finding themselves in the business know how important time is, thus managing and polishing every source of information would be a disastrous time management.

Taking this into consideration, how does one write killing articles? Of course, each editor and writer will say it is a secret and it mainly consists in the writer’s inspiration and set of skills, but things aren’t always like that. In fact, following some strict steps and taking into consideration few remarks, almost anyone can become a writer, managing to deliver killing articles at job or at school.

First of all, it takes time and dedication. Then, knowing the topic of the writing is the next logical step. In fact, knowing the topic or having already picked upon a catchy title is a major step into actually conceiving a paper. Some writers argue that without knowing the title at the beginning of the paper they cannot start proper research or documentation, while others prefer to put the title at the end of the paper, making it more of a sum-up to the written piece.

How to Write Killing Articles

Already mentioned, time is a very valuable resource when deciding to write any type of paper. Time can be both your ally and your enemy, depending on the usage of it. Thus, effective time management is crucial. Some argue that the more one spends on research the better the delivered piece will be, but, again, it truly depends on each case. Quick writing doesn’t necessarily compromises the quality of the writing; it is more about how fast a person can assimilate information and start an efficient brain storming.

Also related to time is the “incubation” of ideas. Remember that great ideas don’t always come when expected, but most of the time they occur when taking a break, changing the thoughts chain or changing the environment. If there isn’t too much pressure on the delivery term, ideas ought to be incubated. A good topic is settled out within days, enough time for fresh ideas to pump up and replace the old, unappealing ones.

And witch such a huge brainstorming happing, some ideas need to be left out or buried without regrets. Editing, censoring and concealing ideas make an important part of the writing process as well. In order to only keep track of the good ideas, the wisest thing to do is to make a list of all ideas regarding the chosen topic, then try and expand them into decent, clear paragraphs.

In addition, a good article should stick to a certain structure; the usage of bullet points states the ideas clearer as well as making the read better perceive the main idea. Last, but not least, in order to write an article within half an hour it should not contain more than 500 words; keep thoughts clear and make every word count.