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People have loved tablets since the first model was first unveiled. This is not just because of the stylish appearance and the sense of class that comes with owning one, but also due to the fact that one can get almost all the functionalities of the average PC in a thinner and lighter device. This, in addition to the fact that they come with enhanced connectivity and the latest technology in the market, has endeared them to many consumers all over the world.

The increasing popularity of tablets among consumers has led almost every manufacturer of electrical gadgets to start manufacturing tablets. The latest entrant into the world of tablet production has been Microsoft with their recent announcement of the unveiling of Microsoft Surface. The question on many people’s minds is whether this new entrant into the world of tablets will fare better than the iPad.

  • Connectivity

The iPad does not have any physical connectivity devices for audio, video or data transfer. This provides for limited connectivity as far as a tablet goes. For one to be able to transfer data and files from one device to the iPad or vice versa, one will have to buy adapters, which implies incurring additional expenses. However, when it comes to the Surface, there is provision for ports, which increases the convenience of its use. HDMI-out, a standard USB 2.0 port and a micro-SD card for expansion are some of the features that the Win RT version will come with. For the Win 8 Pro, it will feature a microSDXC slot that will allow you to use full sized cards on your tablet. A miniDP port and a USB 3.0 port will be added connectivity features that the Win 8 Pro version will come with.

The added ports that the various versions of the Surface come with makes them more convenient to use. It does not only mean that there will be no added expenses as far as basic connectivity is concerned, but also means that you will enjoy far much better portability with the reduced number of accessories that you will need to fully enjoy the use of your tablet.

  • Smart Keyboard

The smart keyboard that will come with the various versions of Surface is also a brilliant idea from Microsoft’s side. This is because it enhances the user experience by giving him or her more options. With the full pressure-based QWERTY keyboard, it is possible to transform your tablet into a notebook at any time you feel like. This is a feature that the iPad does not come with and thus making Surface a better option in terms of convenience and versatility.

  • Camera

There isn’t a lot that Microsoft revealed about the camera that the Surface will have, except that it will have dual cameras and that the cameras will be angled at twenty two degrees. The fact that very little was divulged about the camera power and any of its capabilities has led many technological experts to speculate that it will not be something new and probably not one of the highlights of the tablet. This is may be an indication that Apple’s camera will still have a long time to remain on the top spot as far as tablet cameras are concerned.

Author’s Bio : This article is written by Nancy. Nancy is a part time blogger, Windows Developer and a great photographer. Nancy loves to read Juvedermultra UK and other big professional sites for help.