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Blogging is one of the efficient way to earn more money by posting articles which contain good content but the jokeroo is totally different from blogging you don’t need to post an article , no need to spend more time to get paid , this is simple work upload your own pictures , videos & games and get paid for each upload just spend one or two hours per day to earn more money .

Jokeroo is one of the leading photo sharing website and now any one can earn  by registering in to jokeroo by clicking the link  Register here . Now, Earn more money with jokeroo . It is an easy way to earn money with jokeroo by uploading pictures , videos and games  share on some of the social networks like a facebook, twitter,orkut etc …

Do you have a content like funny exciting pictures you can earn by uploading the picture on clicking the tab upload a picture for sharing the each picture on facebook you can get paid of 2 cent and get paid for each view , like and share of your picture on facebook  by others Jokeroo also accepts the content of your own videos or pictures but  the videos and picture are getting approved mostly according to their content of funny videos and some funny pictures to upload videos by selecting the tab upload a video  and also upload an games by selecting the tab  upload a game.

Make money on jokeroo


The above screen shot displays the money earned by the single person , the minimum withdrawal of jokeroo is 50$ , Adult contents are strictly prohibited in jokeroo you can earn maximum amount in minimum of uploaded images and videos the below screen shot shows that the person uploaded only two pictures and two videos but the earning amount is 26$ you can also earn more money when uploading more pictures and videos don’t waste your golden time .


Earn money in short time



And also earn money for your every REACTION you must to REACT for each picture and video you uploaded you may REACT by selection the REACT option in the top of the page and it shows plenty of options like COOL, CUTE, GROSS, LOL , OWNED, SEXY, STUPID, WTF. For your every REACT in picture and video your balance will be into 2 cent.

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  1. Wow, I never know there have such a good deal. By just sharing photos and videos also can earn some penny. Thanks for sharing, I am going to try it tonight before end of the world. lol

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