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How to download Facebook Photos

Facebook,the giant social network in the world has a big collection of photos and videos in it.Even there is a collection of photos on Facebook,we have to take it one by one to our hard disk since there is no option to download the album bulk.

Even your friends are uploading a lot of photos to their albums,due to the downloading complexity you are missing those photos.If you are trying to download photos from Facebook one by one,It will not be an easy task for you.

Now it’s the question that “how it’s possible to download all Facebook photos or albums in a single click?”.I am here with answer for the above question.You can use a simple FireFox add on to make the Album or photo download from Facebook very easier.

What is FacePAD?

FacePAD is a simple add on for FireFox to download all photos from your friends album in a single mouse click.By the help of FacePAD,You can download entire photos from your friends album with  a click.

How to Download Facebook album by using FacePAD

Using FacePAD is very easier and you can follow the below steps to download the album from Facebook.

  • Download FacePAD add on and install it.
  • Go to Album page in Facebook,which you want download.
  • Right click on the Album link and click on Download Album with FacePAD.
  • Choose the location to store the albums.
  • Done!.Now the downloading will start.

Note:If you select a Album with number of photos on it may hang up your browser for a while.

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Update :

Facepad has stopped it’s service and no longer available for download.

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  1. Please Abdu, Update this post…
    am in need of it…
    this facepad exists no more…..
    please provide us another way to download fb albums

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