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Playing around with your new Galaxy S3 and not quite sure what to do with the S Beam app? Well here is a walk through that will help you know and use the S3 better!  One of the most exciting features that emerged with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is SBeam, which uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) and Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files between 2 phones.

Some of you might already be aware that Android 4.0 already has a feature called Android Beam, which functions over NFC to transfer information similar to contact details and browser pages from one phone to the other. However it doesn’t use the WiFi interface so it doesn’t make sense for larger files.

How to use S Beam on Galaxy S3

Some good news though, by teaming up NFC and WiFi Direct S Beam can easy share larger files between phones, and it can be just anything such as images, videos, and music.  The transmission is evoked by NFC while powered by using Wi-Fi direct. Shocking but true, transmission speeds can be as crazy as 300MBps!

Enable S Beam

To evoke both Android Beam and S Beam, simply browse into the settings app on you Galaxy S3, you will find 2 separate entities for both of them. Tap to activate both of them.  Last but not the least does not miss out on activating NFC as that is the main carrier protocol for the transmission to smoothly take place.

Gone are the days of Infra red where the devices had to kiss each other for a 10MB data transfer or a Bluetooth transfer which is insecure and brings more intrusion and infections than the actual files you are looking for.

Wit h S Beam transferring files gets a new definition, it just couldn’t be any simpler.  All you do is navigate to the image or point to the file you wish to transfer and hold the back of your phone adjacent to the back of another S Beam- capable device. The phone detects the new connection and instructs you “tap to beam” thus beginning the file transfer.

What is more innovative in this regard is since the transmission uses WiFi direct protocol, you can actually take the phones away from each other without interrupting the transfer. Neither do you need to remain connected to the same network.

Currently S Beam is only available to Galaxy S3, however Samsung continues to extend its market presence and release more and more Android 4.0 enabled devices.  So be rest assure you are not the only boat on sail. However, the range and fault redundancy of S Beam still remains in dark and this is something we are anticipating to know very soon as more and more devices gets rolled out. But at this moment this s truly one head turning technology that adds more stars to the effectiveness of Android and Samsung over the other available market competitors. This is another technology which is bound to evolve in magnitude during the coming years!


Sagar Dhillon is a techblogger who loves to play games on his android phone. He loves promoting TV Rental