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Do you want to show your presence in the Internet world?Want to have a website or blog?Do you ever think about getting a blog like me?Want to share your knowledge?.If your answer is yes,You may have to read this full story.

Here I am going to share how you can start a hosted WordPress blog with free of cost.There are a lot of blogging platforms available for blogging,but most of the blogging is done through both the blogger and WordPress.Both the Blogger and the WordPress provides you the blogging platform free of cost.

WordPress gives two facilities to start blogging.One with their own shared host and is available at WordPress.com and you can start with your own host and information are available at WordPress.org.There are some restrictions on shared WordPress since it does not support powerful language javascript.So most of the blogger go to the self hosted WordPress.

Here I would like to share how to host your own WordPress blog without spending a penny.There are a lot of free hosting services available.We are utilizing this free hosts to host a WordPress blog.To start your own blog follow the below procedure.

  • Go to www.x10hosting.com and sign up there for a free hosting account.
  • Once you are sign up with your hosting account you have to verify your email.Then your account will be activated.
  • Click on the hosting tab and there by log in to cPanel
  • In the cPanel you can see a list of tools and services
  • Below of Software /Services menu click on the Softaculous link(check the below screen shot).
Free Web hosting
  • In the window appeared select Blogs from left sidebar
  • It will list a number of blogging platforms.Click on the WordPress from the list.
  • Click on the install tab and fill the basic settings.
  • Once you are filled all the data’s.Click on the Install button.It will install WordPress blog automatically for you.
  • After finishing installation visit www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and fill your blog with contents.


I hope now you also have a hosted WordPress blog

7 thoughts on “How to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog For Free”
  1. tell me full about hosting in wordpress.I facing problem with search engine optimization………..

    1. X10 is a free hosting service and its performance may be low.Server quality is also affects in the performance of blog and there by the SEO.There are some hosts like bluehost,hostgator which works well with the WordPress.You can try those hosts and it is not free.

    1. Is it the error with one specific theme?just try to with other themes..The problem may arise due to error in theme.Just try with other themes….

  2. i hosted my dot tk domain in x10hosting.com
    but every now and then my websites gets shutdown for a little time
    it’s really bad for my website to get shutdown anytime without notice
    what shout i do?
    which hosting you use and where i can get the sharing widget just like your site?

    1. Remember one thing that you are hosted for free and it should have some problems.Try to buy a host and it will solve your this problem and will get a higher up time.

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