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This post is for all webmasters who wish to get a higher place in Search results.As I said in my previous posts about the benefits of link building.Every one know that back links will help to get indexed in search engine very fast.And also Google is considering number of back links for allocating a rank for site.

That is the more number of back links means the better ranking in search results.When you read this the next question will be how I build back links?.There are a lot of ways to back links.But all these processes are time consuming and also it is too boring.I already wrote about building back link by commenting in blogs.It is a natural way of link building.You can also pay money for building back links.There are a lot of services available.But it will cost you more.

Apart from all of these techniques I found an easy way to get 25 back links every day by joining to Social monkey.

What is Social Monkey.How it will help you on Link Building

Social monkey is an instant link building service,which will help you to submit your link to 25 sites every day by simple steps with out paying a penny.It’s 100% free and you can submit your link to 25 different sites every day and there by you will get 25 back links per day.

There is also premium services available you can pay a small amount and upgrade to premium account.If you don’t have money to pay there is also one another solution that you can refer 12 members and get premium service for free.

The benefits of premium services are,

  • Submit your pages to 100 UNIQUE SITES instead of 25!
  • Build backlinks to your pages 3 TIMES A DAY, every day instead of only once!
  • Get access to reports to keep a record of all the back links you create!
  • Build up to 9,000 BACKLINKS EVERY MONTH instead of 750!

You can do submitting from your website itself.For that you have to download  a Firefox plugin and it will automatically grab the site details.The only work of you is to click submit button.

Why you are waiting? Start Submitting your site Now

You can register as my referral.

Started building backlinks ?

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  1. nice…this is really awesome..thank you for sharing this information..
    i think this is my first visit to this site.
    thank you.

  2. Backlink is most important factor of SEO . Your post is most useful for link builder.Thanks for your great post.

  3. First of all, thanks for the great article. I’m trying SEO for the first time and currently getting to grips with back linking, the table has been a great help. I will now target my efforts for quality rather than quantity. However my site has lost of external links and not many internal links, do you think it is negatively effecting my page rank (As in, if i was to reduce the number of external links would my rank improve?)

  4. Good article, thank you. I’ll tru monkee. Please write a review about budget seo providers too

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