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Even if you are not posting to your blog,the database will be accessed by the website upon visiting a visitor.So if we are not optimizing the table it will affect the performance of the the WordPress blog.Since WordPress blog is accessing database for every request,it is indeed to keep your database as small as possible.

Optimizing tables will removes the overhead on your database and also you can repair your tables to get free from database errors.

If you are WordPress blogger there is a plug in WP-Optimize to optimize your database with out visiting phpMyAdmin.

But I will suggest you to use phpMyAdmin to optimize your table.Since the plug in will make some other performance problems for your blog.Just follow the below steps to optimize and repair your table using phpMyAdmin

  • Log in to your Cpanel.
  • Find Databases Menu and Click on the phpMyAdmin
Optimizing Database
Optimizing Database
  • Select your table from left side bar in the phpMyAdmin page.
  • Click on the Check All option which is available on the bottom of tables.

  • It will select all your tables and click on the With selected drop down.
  • Select Optimize Table option from the drop down(Be careful).
  • It will optimize your table.
  • Do the same procedure for Repairing the table by selecting the With selected option as Repair table.

There are number of plugins available to do the above tasks very simply.But I don’t suggest you to go with the plugins.Since it will make another problems for your blog.Not actually the problems, You may aware about the disadvantages of using number of plugins in the WordPress blog.It is bad for SEO since it will increasae the loading time of your blog gradually also it will take more resources from your server and it may cause suspension of your hosting account if you are using the shared hosting account.

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