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As the social networking increases day bay day,the privacy behind these social networking sites lost.Now a days everyone sharing information through the social networking sites.You should be aware about what you are sharing and where you are sharing the information.

The Facebook stands first in the list of social networking sites.millions of images and videos are sharing through the Facebook everyday.

Facebook as its own inbuilt privacy settings in it.We have to utilize these privacy settings to make effect in your Facebook.Making your profile private is important for you and your friends.

Here in this I am sharing about the Facebook privacy settings.The Facebook privacy can be setup using your account tab.The important one setting in the privacy settings is hiding your friends list from your profile.

Facebook provides different privacy levels for your profile and for your contents.It may limited to friends of friends,friends only and also you can customize it to limit some specific peoples.

You have to follow the below steps to set up your privacy in privacy.As I mentioned in the title the below steps are for hiding your friends list from others.Just follow the steps and for any assistance leave the comments below.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Account Tab which is present at the right top corner.
  • In appeared list click on the Privacy Settings menu.
  • You can see a list of Privacy setting in the appeared page.
  • Below of Connecting on Facebookyou can see a link as View Settings.Click on it.
  • It will lead you to a new page listing the settings.
  • You can change these settings as per your wish.
  • To hide your friends list,go to the item which saying that See your friend list.
  • By default it would be to everyone.You can click on that it will list different levels of privacy.
  • You can choose its visibility to Friends of Friends,Friends only and customize
  • To make visible only for you click on the Customize.
  • In the appeared pop up box you can see Make this Visible to title with a tick mark.
  • Make These People toOnly me
  • Once you are selected you have to Save Settings
  • Done!

I will not recommend to do this settings,since social networks are to share your ideas and information.Instead of doing this type of settings you can stop sharing the sensitive data on the social networks.

Hope you hide your friends list from your Facebook profile