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Friends,Do you want to earn a good income online?Are you in search of a part time job?.Here is the better and easy way to earn income online.For earn online you don’t want to own any website with a high traffic.This is very easy way to earn online income.

If you are having a number of friends,it will help you more to earn a good income.We are going to discuss about the URL shortening service Adf.ly.To earn income you have to do a simple thing that you can short your URL using Adf.ly and can share it on the internet world.When ever a person click your link you will earn a small amount.

How Adf.ly Works

Adf.ly is a URL shortening service where you can short your long URL and share it to make money.When ever the user clicks on your link it will lead you to a page that showing an advertisement before going to the actual page.A portion of the money earned from those advertisements is shared with the publishers,ie the person who is sharing the link.

How much I can earn online.

The amount you can earn by this service is purely depends on you.If you share your link in more places and more clicks are received you will earn more.You can post your link to Facebook,Google+,Twitter,Forums,personal websites,social networks,etc to earn more income.If you share more you will earn more.You can earn up to $4 for 1000 visitors to your link.

There is also one referral program to earn more by referring your friends to this service.Once you register with this service you will get an unique URL to refer others.The registration with this service is 100% free.You will also earn 20% of your referral commission.

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When will I get paid?

You will be paid your earning when it reaches to the minimum payout of $5.The payments are made through Paypal.Don’t you have a paypal? Open a paypal account now its free

You can also shorten your URL without signup into Adf.ly.But you won’t earn anything if you share those links.Why you hesitate to Sign up?It’s easy and free Sign up now or visit www.Adf.ly and make money online

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  1. I’m a Diploma Student at T.R.R. College of Technology, Hyderabad, I have tried a lot to create a Adsense Account and I have followed your tips also, I could not get it what should I do to get it.

    1. get a top level domain , add some original content to your site and drive some traffic before you apply for an adsense account .once you are did the above most probably google will aprove your application…

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