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The development of Android applications has an exponential growth in terms of popularity. The prime reason for its popularity is its mindboggling features. The features of the Android being diversifying and effective, its applications can bring a drastic change in the smart phone’s primary functionalities. Android Effects can be listed as a wide network of features and services like fun, communication, fitness and health, business, games and social networking.

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Android Effects-Technology at its Best!

The details of the Android effects are as follows:

  • Compass: This is a partial compass, partial GPS Android application. Apart from specifying the direction, it provides other information like the speed with which you are travelling, a location’s exact coordinates, or can be potentially useful to save your life in cases of emergency.
  • Hand cent SMS: If you are keen in sending texts or Multimedia messages, then your Android must be in possession of Hand cent SMS. This app will be taking your phone to entirely newer levels and dimensions of texting.
  • Ring droid: One of the various hands-on free applications of android, this feature allows editing of several audio files so that you would be able to create your choice of alarms and ringtones. Apart from editing, this feature can help you in creating ringtones too from scratch.
  • Directory for places: A must have application of Android, as it will help to locate the gas station that is nearest to your place, stores, shopping malls, multiplexes or food joints. Though simple, its effectiveness and efficiency makes it a must have feature of Android.
  • Backgrounds: If you wish to make your phone look fresh and new every now and then, then this feature is a must have for android. This application of android provides more than ten thousand wallpapers, that too for free! This application will prevent your phone from looking shabby and drab. Simply one of the best android effects.
  • Sky map of Google: A simple program of Google, its usefulness may not be much, but it is surely far more interesting than other applications of android. This application is nothing but an Android phone having a planetarium inside it and is truly one of the great android effects for your superb phone.
  • Astro file manager: It is one of the most useful and popular applications of android. With the help of this feature you would be managing files, reading and opening .zip files, sending files with much ease. Applications of backup and several other tasks can be managed effectively with it.
  • Barcode Scanner: This ingenious application of android will help you in accessing prices and reviews and various other files. This can be done by the scanning of barcodes on several items in shops and other places.
  • Shazam: This amazing application will almost be able to identify songs in a flash, even in noisy surroundings.
  • Downloading directly from SD card: One of the biggest effects of android is that it has the facility of direct download from SD card on the apps which is needed to provide support to them.
  • Libraries that are spread all over for 2D & 3D graphics, endless range of libraries for audio files, video files and image, accelerometer & magnetometer, etc.

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