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The blog readers try to find blogs of different types so that they can make it their favorite hobby and get to read about different topics. There are few readers who like to change the blogger everyday but most of them prefer to stick to a particular style of writing and there are a few ways to keep them with your blogging page.

Use of RSS can keep them happy:

The blogs that you post must have the RSS capabilities as there are a lot of advantages with this application. The blogs must be easier to subscribe to and they must also be ready for reading even after a long time. This searching option will help you to get reader who often like to refer to the blogs of past and are into serious reading of them.

Link Building from Websites:

You can create links from other websites so that the search engines will be able to spread its tentacles and then find your site from these external sites that have good ranking. The people who visit this safe and secure site regularly can be easily invited to read your blogs by building a link in other sites. The readers may click on these links and be directed to your site for interesting information.

Value of Good meaningful articles:

The readers are always eager for new articles and you can keep on writing good blog and content articles for the readers to come back to read your articles. They must find them full of meaningful information and if there is reference to the past, there must be proper research work done for it. These articles must be based on extensive research and again on personal view points. The blogs must have lots of thinking in it and not something that can be just read and forgotten.

7 Ways to Drive More Blog Readers on Your Blog

Video interview:

You can add video interview for showing some special person or place. These videos on your blog page can also make the reading interesting for people who like to get the real touch of things. When you add a video to the page the page information can be more elaborate and truthful from the blogger.

Keep up with current topics and varied articles:

Keep the site busy with different topics and post articles from different phase of the life and market. If you have varied subjects to speak on, you will get varied people from different interest group. This will attract more people to your page. The people are generally interested to speak on the current topics and you can make sure that the main articles are based on the current topics to get more angles on it. This can bring in a lot of comments from all the visitors who can be against or for the angle of discussion.

Tips from Other Sites:

There is a body called Blog Traffic Exchange and you can become a member for this exchange to publish links of your site to the other member’s sites and include their site links in your blogs. This will be a good way to invite more readers to your site and once this exchange starts – a huge readership will grow for your site to read your regular updated topics and comments on them.

The blogs that you publish are for one aim only – so that the people read them and then find different angles of the subject and can agree or disagree on the point. These can make the readers more interested in your page and they will find regular interest for your blogs if you keep an eye on the points discussed.

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