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5 Best WordPress Plugins For Comments

There are thousands of plugins which are available in the WordPress. This is the only reason because of which the WordPress is liked by a wide range of people who are deciding to create their own website. There is a plugin available for everything you want to accomplish on your website. So, there is no need to take worry if you want to include some feature into your website, because there are plugins available on the WordPress for every function you want.

The problem with the plugins is that they survive only in the condition if their application is amazing. In the case, if any wordpress plugin is less than average, then it will flop in the market. In the previous year, only 5 plugins survived because the rest were not so interesting. The wordpress plugins are required for the sketching and designing of the website by the creator of the website.

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Comments

If you want to use the best plugins of WordPress, you will have to use the self hosted version of the WordPress which should be from WordPress.com. You can use the WordPress just by simply creating your website with the help of base system of the WordPress, but if you want to enhance your website with different and attractive features you should use various categories of plugins which are included in the WordPress. If you want to enhance your website then you should feature the comment system which is done by using plugins. The comment system is the heart of your community blogs and the most precious step to enhance your website.

5 WordPress Comment Plugins

The comment plugins are created to avoid the spam comments. Spam comments will make your website look annoying and unprofessional. There are some comment plugins which are mentioned below which are commonly used by the people for the purpose of managing the comments of your website. Some tips are also provided with the comment plugins which must be followed before applying it on your website. This will help you in eliminating your spammers and you can entertain your precious commenters.

The first plugin used for vanishing the spammers is the GASP. GASP is the acronym for Growmap Anti – Spam Plugin. The GASP is the treatment procedure in controlling the automated spam. You can download this plugin from the website of GASP. This will provide a check box to differentiate between the spammers and the precious commenters. There are various methods to verify before commenting on any website. There are words, numbers or shapes which you have to verify before commenting which can be done very easily by any of the visitors but instead of these methods a check box is provided which verifies the person and categorize them whether they are spammer or not. For installing this plugin check out the settings for the configuration of this plugin.

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The second plugin is named as CommentLuv. This plugin can be downloaded from the website of CommentLuv. The function of this plugin is to allow the commenters to list some of the latest links of their blog posts with their comments. This can be a good way to increase your commenters because they are showcasing their posts in addition to their joining in your community. You can customize the CommentLuv plugin by visiting the settings whenever you are installing the plugin.

The third plugin is the Akismet. The Akismet is that plugin which is used in the purpose of rescuing your website from the spammers and works as an anti spammer. It functions to check the database of the commenters whether they are having telltale spam markers and if yes then the comment is moved to the folder of spam so that you can have a review of spammers. The tip for the better usage of this is to check the spam folder regularly.

The fourth one is Subscribe To Comments. It allows checking a box for the commenters so that you can be notified of the new commenter on any particular post by receiving an email. You should check the comment subscription manager regularly to be aware.

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The fifth plugin is the Twitterlink Comments which provides an additional way to the members of your community to connect with each other with the help of their twitter accounts. The other benefit of this plugin is that it will get easier for the site owner if they want to reply to a comment with the help of tweeting. To customize this plugin you must visit the settings page.


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