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Almost every blog has a sidebar. Although it’s a “Sidebar”, it plays a great role in blog’s success as well as reputation. Many bloggers take sidebar too lightly and put trash on it (we’ve seen such in cases of blogspot blogs ) but only few of them realize the real importance of sidebar and how much revenue and benefit a sidebar can give to a blog.
To make the full use of the sidebar, there are some must have widgets which can help you in decreasing the bounce rate of blog and take your blog to great heights.

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5 Must have Sidebar Widgets on Blog

Social Sharing and Following Buttons : The first and foremost important thing to be sticked to the sidebar of a blog is social sharing and following buttons. These help in increasing the audience and influence of the blog as readers like your Facebook page, follow you on twitter and hence, become returning visitors.

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Most Recent Posts : It’s important to keep a most recent post widget in sidebar so the user has an option to go through various posts. Otherwise, he/she would just bounce off the post seeing no other post options. The widget can help create the interest of the reader and lower the bounce rate of the blog.

5 Must Have Sidebar Widgets on Blog

Search Box : This widget is missing for most of the blogs. We bloggers don’t realize the importance of a search box in the sidebar. Readers are specifically on your blog for a certain topic. If they find your blog posts interesting, they would surely like to read your take on the topic they are searching for. So, a search box is a must have . Some bloggers also track the search box searches so that they know what their readers are looking to read and write on those topics.

Recent Comments : Want people to comment on your blog ? This widget is a must have for an interactive blog. If you look at all the top blogs, you would hardly find one not possessing this widget. Recent comments is necessary to show up so that the reader knows that the site is interactive, gains interest and leaves worthy comments.

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Popular Posts : If your posts goes viral, that means that your readers are loving it. Don’t limit it to just those readers but let the new readers find that too. Such posts can help in bringing great likes and shares ie. good promotion for your blog. Showcase your top blogs posts of the month and let people know what’s trending and worth a read .

Blog sidebar are great advantages to bloggers if used in a productive way. Perfect sidebar with good widgets can be the shortcut to the success of a blog. Have you optimized your blog sidebar yet?


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